Wanhao Duplicator 4 revisited 20161228

Had a bracket to print.

Printer to be connected to W7Server running Win 10 Home 64 bit

Installed Python 2.x 64 bit version

Installed Replicator 4 (Drivers failed so possibly did a reinstall)

Open STL file and after aligning to print bed generated GCode then saved as x7G to SDCard


Ran through bed alignment process on printer multiple times, not a great result so bed must be bent.

Note I some time ago installed some Aluminium bed support arms to try to increase the stiffness.

Tried to insert SDCard but it wouldn’t click nicely in place, possibly some crud int eh SDCard socket?

Unscrewed button/SDCard board, so I could get to the SDCard, and used force to get it in/out a few times, still sticky.

Started teh print, it went well. After removing the completed print, started the same file again as I needed 2 of these.

ARRRRRRG. The bed had gone out of calibration and the nozzle tore up the Kapton tape.


Replaced the Kapton tape..

So now leveling the bed after every print, printed 4 x 200mm long flat parts and now no issues

Have ordered some PEI sheet to try next