Wanhao Duplicator 4 Out of the box


Wanaho Duplicator 4 arrived

  • The (large!) Box had a crumpled corner but was very well packaged so no issues
  • Assembled easily per website
  • Looks good but I don’t think the acrylic chassis will hold together so will strengthen it later

Setup: followed manual, no indication as to whether it expects ABS on one side & PLA on the other so I just made a choice.

Levelled bed ok, loaded Filaments ok, started test print from SD Card, came out a bit crappy as the 2 nozzles get in the way of each other when printing

Ok now to try a model off the net.

  • Installed Python 3,4 (Latest)
  • Installed Replicator G

Issues re Windows 8:

  • Drivers for this printer are for ‘MightyBoard S3G’ are not digitally signed so had to restart windows and temporarily disable driver signing..

Issue re Python:

  • Replicator G doesn’t recognise 3.4, needs 2.x version, installed that and is good now.

Started Replicator G:

  • opened model stl file
  • scaled to 1.2
  • saved model
  • clicked generate GCode

Generate GCode dialog:

In defaults tab selected ‘Load Replicator defaults’:

Common options:

  • Replicator 2 slicing defaults
  • Use right extruder (ABS)
  • Use Raft/Support: Yes
  • Use support material: None
  • Use default start/end GCode: Yes
  • Use Print-O-Matic: Yes

Settings tab:

  • Object infill: 10%
  • Layer height mm: 0.27
  • Number of shells: 1
  • Feedrate (mm/s): 40
  • Travel Feedrate: 55
  • Print Temperature: 220

Plastic tab:

  • Filament diameter (mm): 1.82

Extruder tab

  • Nozzle Diameter (mm): 4

3:22 later…┬áSome print issues mainly first layer not sticking to bed from what I can see

For the second print

  • Recalibrated bed level for second print a bit more aggressively
  • Set print temperature to 230
  • Edit GCode set bed temperature to 120 (from 110)

8:44 later, ho hum… Still some issues not sticking in rear right corner.

20180105 Capturing settings before fresh install of the PC

ReplicatorG 0040

  • GCode
    • Generator = Skeinforge (50)
  • Machine = The Replicator Dual
  • Generate GCode:
    • Replicator Slicing Defaults
    • Use Right Extruder
    • Raft = No
    • Support = No
    • Use Default Start/End GCode = Yes
    • Use print-O-Matic = No