Tevo Little Monster

AE 201804 NZ$846.20, whilst on Sale & NZ$ at US$0.73

Golden ratio layer heights:

  • 0.0809
  • 0.1618
  • 0.3236

20180520 Initial assembly observations / modifications:

  • Used longer M5 bolts for attaching C Beam to Top / Bottom plates
  • Bottom belt idler assemblies:
    • Replaced non-toothed bottom belt idlers with toothed (GT2x6mm, 20T, B5mm)
    • Use M5 T-Block nuts (drilled the brackets out to 5mm)  rather than the supplied M4 swivel/drop in nuts (since I had to remove the top plate again to fix the twisted belt per below anyway)
  • Carriages:
    • One carriage had a twist in the belt
    • No more gaps silicone as a poor mans locktite on carriage set screws (for optical end stops) after setting to near enough to 5mm
  • X Motor mount:
    • Ground off corner of bracket to as bracket corner was interfering with the PSU case
    • Moved bracket slightly to alllow room between motor & PSU case
  • Added washers where seemed sensible e.g. motor brackets
  • Loaded up all 3 x 4 outside C-Beam 6mm slots with 3 M5 T-Block nuts each (3 x 4 x 3 = 36 nuts)