Synology DS207+ and Seagate 8TB archive HDD


OK time to add a second Seagate 8TB to this DS207+ Synolog NAS

As simple as:

  • Shutdown
  • Install second drive
  • Power Up
  • Confirm can see unused drive in Storage Manager
  • In Storage Manager, Select current single volume and change Raid type to 1
  • Wait… for it all to synchonise

So now we have a DS207+ with an available 7.5TB Raid 1 so mirrored


This DS207+ is getting a bit long in the tooth now, but last effort a year ago it happily accepted 2 x 4TB WD Green HDDs so we shall see if it can run with Seagates new 8TB Archive HDD

Synology list a more recent firmware than a year ago to address the well publicised OpenSSL vulnerabilities.  Good to see.

So downloaded DSM_DS207+_1639.pat and installed it with the Synology Assistant under a Win 7 machine to

So easy, Volume creation wizard shows 1 x ST8000AS0002-1NA with 7.2TB available

So on to creating a simple volume which I expect will take a day or so..  Note selected a straightforward (not Synology SHR) volume for maximum compatibility