Stab Diff

For portraits: Alphonse Mucha, Pino Daeni, John William Waterhouse

Somewhat spicier and fantasy: Luis Royo, Frank Frazetta (I was disappointed to find that Paolo Serpieri isn’t included in the dataset :/)

If you want great future Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk stuff (Spaceships, Cityscapes, Megabuildings): Syd Mead, John Berkey, Paul Chadeisson

Surreal/Horror: Zdzisław Beksiński, HR Giger

Surreal Fantasy (especially landscapes and the likes): Daniel Dociu

Landscapes: Frederic Edwin Church

3D Model
Analog Film
Comic Book
Craft Clay
Digital Art
Fantasy Art
Line Art
Pixel Art

Ads Advertising
Ads Automotive
Ads Corporate
Ads Fashion Editorial
Ads Food Photography
Ads Gourmet Food Photography
Ads Luxury
Ads Real Estate
Ads Retail
Artstyle Abstract
Artstyle Abstract Expressionism
Artstyle Art Deco
Artstyle Art Nouveau
Artstyle Constructivist
Artstyle Cubist
Artstyle Expressionist
Artstyle Graffiti
Artstyle Hyperrealism
Artstyle Impressionist
Artstyle Pointillism
Artstyle Pop Art
Artstyle Psychedelic
Artstyle Renaissance
Artstyle Steampunk
Artstyle Surrealist
Artstyle Typography
Artstyle Watercolor
Futuristic Biomechanical
Futuristic Biomechanical Cyberpunk
Futuristic Cybernetic
Futuristic Cybernetic Robot
Futuristic Cyberpunk Cityscape
Futuristic Futuristic
Futuristic Retro Cyberpunk
Futuristic Retro Futurism
Futuristic Sci Fi
Futuristic Vaporwave
Game Bubble Bobble
Game Cyberpunk Game
Game Fighting Game
Game Gta
Game Mario
Game Minecraft
Game Pokemon
Game Retro Arcade
Game Retro Game
Game RPG Fantasy Game
Game Strategy Game
Game Streetfighter
Game Zelda
Misc Architectural
Misc Disco
Misc Dreamscape
Misc Dystopian
Misc Fairy Tale
Misc Gothic
Misc Grunge
Misc Horror
Misc Kawaii
Misc Lovecraftian
Misc Macabre
Misc Manga
Misc Metropolis
Misc Minimalist
Misc Monochrome
Misc Nautical
Misc Space
Misc Stained Glass
Misc Techwear Fashion
Misc Tribal
Misc Zentangle
Papercraft Collage
Papercraft Flat Papercut
Papercraft Kirigami
Papercraft Paper Mache
Papercraft Paper Quilling
Papercraft Papercut Collage
Papercraft Papercut Shadow Box
Papercraft Stacked Papercut
Papercraft Thick Layered Papercut
Photo Alien
Photo Film Noir
Photo Glamour
Photo Hdr
Photo Iphone Photographic
Photo Long Exposure
Photo Neon Noir
Photo Silhouette
Photo Tilt Shift