Skyrim VR 202403

  1. those crash logs don’t really point to anything(edited)
  2. [6:29 PM]you can use this website and this tool to help point to an issue.

Dell Alienware Aurora R11

  • i7-10700F / Z490
  • RTX 4080 16GB
  • 32GB Ram
  • SSDs

Note Quest 3: 4,128 x 2,208

Installed Mad Dogs NSFW

  • v1.8.6.2

Initial start = Skyrium VR -> Steam VR -> Oculus Air Link

  • Is very slow in game with screen tear, heavy pauses etc

The SkyrimVR window needs to be in focus while running. You should find out why it runs so poorly with it active. Not having it focussed leads to mods bugging out and could potentially explain the freezes? I’d start there. Remove mods/adjust settings until the game starts running properly in focus.

Another thing that’s probably not relevant: I encountered random freezing loading screens in my game. They went away when I turned off Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling in Windows settings

How to get Quest 3 Airlink to look better than Virtual Desktop AV1 10 bit

Just thought I’d share my findings from some playing around with the Airlink settings in OculusDebugTool. (program files/oculus/support/oculus-diagnostics)

Your mileage may vary depending on your setup but my relevant specs are as follows:

  • AMD 7700X CPU
  • NVIDIA 4090 GPU
  • 32GB DDR5-6000
  • Asus ET8 Wi-fi 6e router

I’ve set the following values from their defaults:

  • Pixels Per Display Pixel Override: 1.2
  • Video Codec: H.264
  • Sliced Encoding: On
  • Encode Resolution Width: 4128
  • Encode Bitrate (Mbps) 850 (you have to write the number in notepad and copy and paste it into the tool using ctrl v)
  • Link Sharpening: Quality

I also have refresh rate at 80 (haven’t tried 90 yet), and render resolution to 5408×2896 in the Oculus Desktop app.

With these settings I got incredibly smooth performance and nearly no visible compression artifacts in my goto games for testing compression (HL Alyx, the Forest, and Lone Echo 2). I’ve tried maxed out settings in Virtual Desktop in all the available codecs and bitrates and none of them come close to the visuals I’m seeing with Airlink now. The forest in particular looks like a muddy mess in the scene I test in that’s a dark area below a well lit area of foliage with VD but looks pretty darn close to a wired displayport experience with Airlink. Let me know if you find anything that works better for you, this was just what I found from a few quick tests.

NVIDIA Control Panel Overrides

NVIDIA Control Panel has a couple of features that improve performance by a LOT on NVIDIA graphics cards.

For every single VR game, go to your executable, (on UE4 games, use the Shipping exe, not the default one) and change all the following:

OpenGL rendering GPU: your GPU’s name Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance Texture filtering – Quality: High performance(VR games have textures so high-res that turning this to High performance is just a free performance boost) Texture filtering – Trilinear optimization: On

Do this for a free GPU-side performance boost on almost every VR game. On some titles like VRChat, the frame time improvements can be as much as 70%.