Pinball: Indiana Jones 1993

Purchased 2016

19/10/2016 6K + Ship say $300 TM

Initial observations

  • Playfield in great condition
  • Still incandesents throughout
  • Cab faded per usual
  • No other cosmetic issues noticed

Issue IJ-20161216: Fuse 104 blowing shortly after power up, drives solenoids 09-16

Manual; says protects Solenoids #9-16

09 – Left jet bumper

10 – Right bumper

11 Bottom Bumper

12 Left slingshot

13 Right slingfshot

14 Left control gate

15 Right control gate

16 Totem drop down

Relevant Driver Board Connections:

  • J107-2 = common 50v power to above solenoid bank
  • J127 = Per coil CPU controlled switch to ground for firing


  • Disconnect J127 and power up, no fuse blown
  • Grounded J127-1 to 9 playfield side in turn to fire each solenoid manually, is pin 9 that blows fuse
  • Is the totem drop down solenoid #16
  • Manually / momentarily bridged from solenoid (switched side to ground) get solenoid buzzing frantically
  • When replace fuse and connect as per normal after a short while #16 buzzes 7 fuse blows
  • So could be solenoid is held on?

Solenoid  #16 Totem Drop Down

  • Low power type, Source voltage is J107-2
  • Switch side is J127-9, switched via Q44

Interim fix:

To get machine playable desoldered at switched side of coil & wrapped insulated exposed wire with insulation tape

Will check the driver board next time it pulled.  I have to inspect & reflow all the boards soon anyway as this machine is new to me & I intend to keep it forever.  Will probably replace some PSU caps/rectifiers as a long term preventative measure, as well as install static RAM to eliminate the batteries.

Update 20180112

Pulled driver board as issue IJ-2018012 has rendered game unplayable so will follow up on this issue at the same time.  Initial viewing of driver board shows Q44 has had work and has been replaced with a TIP122 but poorly.  Connections on underside are incomplete as the leads of the part have not been pushed through the PCB holes. It was soldered from the PCB top side not the bottom

Q44 is in schematic as a TIP102.  I will replace it with a TIP102 but soldering it in place correctly this time.


Issue: IJ-20180112: Fire is not launching pinball

  • Start game
  • Ball is pushed into trough as expected
  • User clicks gun trigger
    • User hears fire sound per trigger pull so we know isn’t the trigger switch in the gun

Solenoid  #102 Ball Launch

  • High current type, Source voltage is J107-3
  • Switched side (to ground) for activation is J130-2, via Q80 TIP36C, with Q79 TIP102 & Q74 2N5401 (or similar) upstream

Power Driver PCB Observations

  • On removal notice GI socket (cable side) has been replaced and shows signs of heat damage
  • Q44 TIP102 replaced with a TIP122, leads were not pushed fully through the PCB so contacts underneath are very questionable
  • J120 Jack resoldered
    • Related to J120 connections, R13, R15, R16, R18 all resoldered but not related transistors
  • BR2, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5 replaced at some point with GBPC3602W, no related caps replaced though
  • No other signs of PCB rework

Issue: IJ-20180204 Some GI strings out

Started replacing some exisiting lamps/leds, noticed some GI’s out:

  • Insert Bottom WhtGrn/Grn
  • Return Lane/Coin WhtVio/Vio

Issue: IJ-20180205 Remove questionable additional lighting strip from Temple

A LED strip has been added under the left side of the Well of Souls. way too bright and unbalances temple lighting

Issue: IJ-20190210 Broken Plastics

  • 31-1773-17-SP U shaped part under right ramp entrance (broken on left leg)
  • 31-1773-21-SP Left slingshot

Issue: IJ-20190217 Missing Decals on Drop target

  • 31-1784

Issue IJ-20191025 DMD flashing not readable

  • 20191027 Went to video this but it is working today…