Pinball CFTBL Creature From The Black Lagoon

Ex Napier Timeout

20170416 Sticky left flipper

  • Replaced coil sleeve
  • Ground plunger edges
  • Stop is A12111 (Pinball-life says is Williams 02/1988 to 04/1993, Roadshow is a 94 game and it uses A12390)


  • Leftmost lane has a one way gate, is broken
    • Complete gate is A15661 usually sold out
    • 12-7045 is wireform only
  • Ramp A-15621 sequential/chase GI (A-16087-1, A16088-1, A-16089) has about 24 mini lamps quite a few blown, these are #86 (T1.75?)

#86 lamps used:

  • A-15672 8-Lamp Board Assy = 8 lamps
  • A-15621 Ramp Assembly = 24 lamps counted
  • Seems these are not commonly available from the usual Pinball LED vendors
  • Had a play making up some with SMD’s on veroboard worked ok for a bit of fun, but since we selling this machine:
    • 20180928 36 x Green ordered from CometPinball