Packaging Options for MfM

20190724 Started moving these around as we are about to need a new 1200mm roll so don’t want to be moving a full roll as is heavy.

Rethinking a minimum:

  • 1200mm Corrugated roll
  • 900mm Corrugated rroll
  • 600mm Corrugated roll
  • 300mm Corrugated roll
  • 300mm bubble wrap

A litle inconvenient to use 1200mm for shorter widths but.. less is more?


  • remove shelving from rear wall of bay 1 – DONE
  • move existing 1200mm to be hard up against back wall above bench 2 – DONE
  • Temporarily move 900mm roll elsewhere – DONE


Between brown paper, bubble wrap & corrugated cardboard a lot fo space is taken up by these materials

Having them hanging above bench 2 is fine, but above bench 3 limits that benchs usefulness: Bench top to ceiling to 1200mm and each roll hangs down at least 600m when full so we can;t place drill press / 3d printers etc on that bench

So what do we actually need for packaging:


  • 1200mm corrugated cardboard roll: essential? YES for single long extrusion orders helps keep straight in shipping
  • 900mm corrugated cardboard roll: essential NO but very useful..
  • 600mm corrugated roll: essential: YES for 400-600mm orders
  • 300mm corrugated roll: essential: YES


Corrugated rolls 75m pricing 17/7/2019

If only above bench 2 (packing bench we have about 2.5m length available if remove rear shelves from back of bay 1 then we can pretty much fit above the 2.5m bench 1:

  • 1200mm Corrugated roll
  • 600mm Corrugated roll
  • 300mm Corrugated roll
  • 300mm bubble wrap

So the plan:

  • Run down current 900mm roll, don’t replace
  • remove shelving from rear wall of bay 1
  • rellocate above rolls to above bench 2
  • Note: no place for the 600mm roll of brown paper but worry about that later as full roll is only ~220mm diameter vs bubble wrap/corrugated cardboard which are ~600mmD