Open Sim Wheel

  • Mige 130STM15015 Motor ordered (Aliexpress)
    • Motor mount ordered (, pricey but easy solution)
  • AC Servo controller (Generic Chinese) ordered (Aliexpress)
    • 150W 100R dump resistor ordered (Ebay)
  • 2 x ST Discovery boards ordered (Ebay)
    • Will I need to opto-islolate these connections?
    • Will probably make up my own breakout PCB if so..
  • Lots of Controller manuals talk about need for clean AC going.. so need to look into filters etc
    • Jaycar have a mains EMI filter
  • Pedals ordered:
    • Thrustmaster T3Pa Pro (Amazon)
    • Bodinhausen T500RS Pedal Adapter (
    • Bodnar Cable: Logitech® G25/G27/DFGT/DFP or Generic Pedals Adapt (

Going to try and use generic Chinese AC Servo controller first.. rather than Granite devices..


AASD-30A Manual etc

Tutorial for Granity Servo drive

AC Input components:

  • AC Input to Circuit breaker (Over current)
  • To Surge Protector
  • To EMC filter
  • To Contactor
  • To controller


Installed MMOS FFB firmware on ST Discovery board

  • Has St-Link hw on board
  • Once programmed use Micro USB for Power, Micro USB is FFB Wheel


Have Sparco 015P285Sn Wheel

  • 285mm Diameter
  • 3 bolt pattern, probably “European” three-bolt pattern (three 10-32 bolts on a 50mm pattern)
    • Note ‘might’ be 50.8mm (2″)

Will try printing some Mige adaptors. Some use 31.8mm ID bicycle seat post clamps:–id_3640502.html