Mobile phone testing platform


Keyboard is less than 335mm wide, with feet out sits < 50mm up

Height at front

From keyboard above, 50mm under


My screen height from desk to screen (24″) is 190mm (assuming top of screen should be at my eyeline, that screen is about 20mm too low for me)

Edwards is 160mm on 1 (27″) screen and 220mm on the other (24″)

So Bezels at bottom of screens are at least 30mm (24″) and more for the 27″

So we will assume 190 + 30mm = 220mm maximum height of platform


I have > 300mm from rear of keyboard to screen which is a lot more than I expect is needed, if less depth we can alter angle more without obscuring the screen

Design points:

  • Adjustable angle
  • Able to pull forward to user and slide over keyboard
  • Non slip matting
  • Soft ridge above bottom cable slot
  • USB Hub under
  • Cables via slots top and bottom, Micro USB & Lightning only
  • Arrange micro usb on 1 side, iOS on the other?