Meural II Local Controller

Meural II has very basic controls (too simple)


  • we only use our own images organized into our own playlists
  • we have 3 frames all in Portrait organised as a Triptych


  • it ignores order of items in a playlist (a bug), so although we have a specific playlists on each frame with specificlaly ordered images (a la Triptych) they play out of sequence
  • Can’t look at a list of available images and select one

It has a local REST API that is sufficient options for the level of control I would like:

Local Web Server

Netgear refers to a ‘remote controller’ in their Meural support documentation:
This ‘remote controller’ is a local web server on the Canvas device available at: http://LOCALIP/remote/
It runs on a javascript available at: http://LOCALIP/static/remote.js

The available calls in this javascript are:

So what do we want of this application:

  • Assumptions:
    • All of our own images loaded up to each frame are available locally (so we can thumbnail and display then in the local application)
  • Requirements wishlist
    • Can poll each frame to check it is available and it’s IP for further communication
    • Can switch galleries
    • Can select an individual image and display it (Note to self: probably requires a gallery to be active that contains that image?)
    • Can setup to automatically slideshow images across all three frames (for our triptych galleries)
    • Is a locally hosted web application so we can use any device that has a browser to access the application
    • Ranking of images by different user
    • Mirror whats currently on the frames