Laser Cutter 2020Jan

Onboarding Task list:

  • Unpack – 20200205 DONE
  • Verify chassis is earthed via Main plug – DONE
  • Verify tube works – 20200206 DONE
  • Install analog mA meter – 20200207 DONE
  • Setup basic water reticulation – 20200206 DONE
  • Map initial (low) power settings to actual milliamps to ensure using minimum for subsequent mirror alignment DONE 20200207
  • Setup basic air supply – DONE using supplied pump
  • Install PC + Software & verify communication
    • Research software options – DONE
    • Install software
      • Install Inkscape 64bit – DONE
      • Install K40 Whisperer 64bit + USB Driver – DONE
    • Test communication (USB)
      • Make simple vector cut 100m square in Inkscape – DONE
      • Cut via K40 Whisperer – Done
  • Align mirrors – 20200220 DONE
  • Test cut some paper & measure real vs expected
  • Move to longer term operating location
    • Setup extraction
  • Level Z table to XY range
  • Check XY is square
  • Check XY is square to Z table (not sure if necessary, close enough is probably good enough)
  • Setup external ventilation

Future tasks (improvements as we come across them)

  • X Idler is mounted on a relatively thin sheet metal L bracket and is currently bent due to the belt tension, I can see what is possibly belt dust on the idler
  • Investigate 2 x Y axis idlers for any similar issues (can’t be easily seen)
  • Cutter assembly has 2 brackets fixing it to the X axis, neither is at 90 degrees
  • Buy spares:
    • Mirrors: 20mm
    • Lens: 18mm

20200621 Purchase:

20W 450nm Blue Laser Full Kit NZ$179.42 incl GST

20200218 Purchase:

DescriptionUnit priceQtyAmount
Mini Gerbil 2 Axis Controller for K40 Laser Cutter
Item #: Basic
$89.00 USD1$89.00 USD
LightBurn software G-Code License Key
Item #: LightBurn_License_Key
$40.00 USD1$40.00 USD
Subtotal: $129.00 USDDiscount: -$0.00 USDShipping and handling: $20.00 USDTotal: $149.00 USD
NZD on CCard = $238.82

20200207 Mapped power settings via onboard interface to ammeter readings

  • Worked through power settings to map settings vs actual mA
Power settingObserved mA on TEST fireNotes
23mAWon’t mark copier paper
3<5mACuts Copier paper

20200206-20200207 Install analog mA meter

  • Purchased 50mA & 30mA analog meters from Aliexpress-Cloudray
  • Installing 30mA unit
    • Remove top control panel
    • Mask off underneath where new meter will be located
    • Cut & drill holes for meter
    • Cut Laser Tube ground wire & splice in extension wires
    • From tube to +ve on meter
    • To controller to -ve on meter

20200206 Verified tube working successfully

  • Powered Z moved bed to ~10mm of head
  • Placed office paper on bed beneath laser
  • Laser PSU has water flow sensor connected, so to verify tube is functional used test button on PSU to fire laser without water flowing

20200206 Parts observations

  • 80W CO2 IYJG (MYJG clone?) Series Power Supply, manufacturer unknown
  • Main board LIHUIYU 6C6879-LASER-M2 (M2 Nano)

20200205 Collected from shipping co, unpacked ok

  • Tube intact
  • Crate slightly damaged but machine is ok
Minor damage but no resulting issues found
Annual open day
Main enclosure is 1030 wide, tube extension is 330mm
Tube packaging such as it is/was
There’ll be room for it somewhere…,_8a,_10a,_15a_(ad-hssr8_series)/ad-hssr810-dc-28