Jobs for Dumb Arse


  • Bays:
    • bay 1 is main door bay
    • bay 2 is middle bay
    • bay 3 is lundia end bay
  • Benches:
    • bench 1 (bay 1) is the drop saw bench
    • bench 2 (bay 1) is the main packing bench opposite bench 1 (has ~125 lamsden parts bins with the M3-M5 screws on it)
    • bench 3 (bay 1) is over the next one over
    • bench 4 (bay 1) has opposite lathe/mill
    • bench 5 (bay 2) is opposite pinball machines under the window

Smaller jobs:

  • In Rolling Lundia: The first fixed 400mm deep shelves, remove 15 drawer 400D x 330W cabinet & put in new 15 drawer 470D x 380W cabinet
  • Pinballs multiboard is on the floor, mount it off the floor
  • Empty & dump set of drawers ex lounge upstairs
  • Move 2 x 11 drawer 400D x 330W cabs to end of bench 4
  • Move new (‘Precision’ brand ex Brent from Naenae $80) 5 drawer cab to end of bench 1, move XH stock to one of these drawers, move packing pens, scissorsto top ddrawer of this cab
  • White boards, attach above pinballs on pull out rails
  • Redo Drop saw fence
    • 20190714: removed Bosch fence and realigned, will see if is enough for now)
  • Redo lights above drop saw
  • Add power to tidy up around drop saw
  • make storage hanging from ceiling for temporary staging of longer alum lengths (bay 1? bay 2? Both?)
  • Bench 2/3: redo bubble wrap & corragated packaging roll hangers above picking bench then move toolbox to bench 3 (Consider: Can we get rid of tool box and use filing cabs? The first 5 drawer cab from Brent/Naenae is heavy duty and we will prob get more from him over time..)
  • Bench 2: order another 14 size 5 lamsden bins as it is now longer

More involved jobs:

  1. Bay 1: pull down back wall shelving DONE 20190720
  2. Shed main door -> Human door: replace alum cladding with Twinwall or Clearvue? (clean panel on bottom pane for doggos to gaze out of so they are not so gddam annoying)
  3. There are 21 square Perroplas crates that need homes (all roof slots occupied)
    • We regularly access maybe 8-10 of these (Screws, Brackets, Nails, USB Cables, Ethernet cables, Extension cords, Multiboxes and so on)
    • Could probably get it down to 14 for use in workshop, others can go to garage/garage sheds
  4. Those bunnings yellow multi drawer sets, the bottom lot are too low and are really awkward to get too (mainly to read the labels etc), so we will move those to the upper half of the opposite side of that bay
  5. New lundia bench that I put in 26/4/2019, center upright is upside done so shelves are slanting 15mm DONE
  6. Behind main lundia add 150mm deep shelves so we can store icecream & mayo containers, like what we had behind the old lundia
  7. Move Gun Safe to be between first & second white cabinets DONE
  8. The 3 White cabinets were just chucked in and are not level etc

Big job to nibble at over next couple years, the workshop has that nice recycled rimu? wallboards but there is no insulation behind it