DS3231 Dot Matrix Clock Kit


  • 2 x 0805 R 202 2k
  • 3 x 0805 R 105 1m
  • 6 x 0805 R 103 10k
  • 3 x 0805 C Ceramic unmarked
  • 1 x C Electro 220uF SMD
  • 1 x C Electro 10uF SMD
  • 2 x 2T1 SOT23 Possibly transistors?
  • 1 x AMS1117 VR voltage regulator
  • 3 x 0805 LEDs
  • 1 x DS3231SN IC RTC SOIC16
  • 1 x LDR (TH)
  • 1 x Piezo Buzzer (TH)
  • 1 x Microphone (TH)
  • 1 x Micro USB Jack (SMD)
  • 1 x Battery Holder (SMD) holds CR2202
  • 5 x LED Matrix FJS1257BW

What / where:

  • R1–R2(1M(105))
  • R3–R7(10K(103))
  • R8(2K(202))
  • C2, C4, C5(100nf(104)
  • Q1(9012(2T1))
  • U1 (44-pin microcomputer)
  • U2 (AMS1117)
  • U3 (DS3231 clock chip)
  • LED1-LED2 (ice blue LED)

Features:1. Simultaneously press the setting (circle symbol) + switch touch key (triangle symbol) to enteror exit the menu;2. Short-touch switch key (triangle symbol) to switch time setting(Time) – Date setting(Date) -Alarm setting(Alarm) – Font style setting(Font) – Switch animation effect setting(Display) -Midpoint bounce effect setting(Midpoint) – Format setting(Format) – Birthday modesetting(Birthday) – Brightness setting(Brightness) – Time display mode setting(Show) – informationswitching time settings(Speed) – Time digital change effects settings(Move) – Voice switchsettings(Sound) – Backlight LED effects settings(Back-Led) – Countdown settings(Count). Shortpress the setup key (circle symbol) to enter the setting, and then change the parameter value bythe switch key (triangle symbol).parameter settings:1. Time: switch key (triangle symbol key) to modify the flashing parameter value, set the key key(circle symbol key) to confirm the modification;2. Date: The modification order is: year-month-day;3. Alarm clock: ON – Turn on the alarm clock and enter the alarm time setting; OFF – Turn off thealarm clock4. Font: font style 1-5;5. Switching mode(Display): 0-only display time; 1-scrolling switch to the left; 2- random lightingswitch; 3-drop switching one by one; 4-light up and down light switching; 5-middle separationswitching; 6-way middle Rollover; 7-up and down rollover; 8-side sweep switch; 9-direct lightswitch;6. Colon beat effect settings(Midpoint): 1 – middle confluence beats; 2 – fade up and down; 3 -constant light; 4 – move up and down; 5 – light up every second7. Format settings(Format): Hour (hour format): 24h-24 hour mode; 12h-12 hour mode. Date(date format): MM-DD: month-day mode; DD-MM: day-month mode. Temp (temperatureformat): C-Celsius; F-Fahrenheit;8.Birthday reminder settings(Birthday): ON-open reminder function and enter the parametersettings; OFF-close reminder9.Brightness level settings(Brightness): level: 1-5 brightness; A-automatically adjust thebrightness according to the environment;10. Time display mode(Show): HH:MM-Hour:Minute mode; H:M:S-Hour:Minute:Second mode; H:M ss-Hour:Minute second mode; A H: M-a/p Hour: Minute mode (12 hours);11.Information switching speed settings(Speed): 5s-5 seconds to switch information; 10s-10seconds to switch information; 30s-30 seconds to switch information; 60s-60 seconds to switchinformation; 120s-120 seconds to switch information;12. Special effect of time digital change(Move) (Only for switching mode 0): 0-Direct change; 1-Extend one by one; 2-Drop mode; 3-Random light up; 4-Up and down; 5-Middle out13.Voice control settings(Sound): ON – open voice control mode; OFF – turn off the voice controlmode14.Backlight effect settings(Back-Led): 0 – off the backlight; 1- constant; 2- follow the sound; 3-breathing mode;15.Countdown setting(Count): Enter the minutes and seconds, press the set button (circle) tostart the countdown, countdown buzzer to end, any touch key to exit the countdown;Special reminder: time digital change effects only on Switching mode(Display): 0-only displaytime