Cura 3.x Slicer

For Anycubic Delta Linear Plus installed 3.2

  • STL Model loaded up interface gets sluggish and really unusable
  • Notice that it automatically slices after every change so:
    • Preferences -> Configure Cura ->
      • General
        • Disabled Slice Automatically
      • Disabled all under privacy setting while I am here
      • Quality
        • Enabled Initial Layer Height
        • Enabled Infill Pattern
  • Layer view is unusable, so sluggish not responsive at all so:
    • Preferences -> Configure Cura ->
      • Viewport Behaviour:
        • Enabled Force layer view compatibility mode + restart

201812131 Snapshot:

PLA Support settings to try:

Based on the previous results, I have decided to keep the following settings after few more tries:

  • Temperature: from 180C to 190C. Be careful, if the temperature is too low, the object will be more fragile because the layers will not stick well to each others.
  • Support interface ON
  • Interface thickness: 0.6mm
  • Distance from the support interface and the object: 0.2mm

D&D Miniatures AnyCubic Linear Plus

  • Draft Quality = 0.2mm layer height
  • Infill 50%
  • Printing Temperature 200 deg
  • Build plate 60 deg
  • Generate Support
    • Touching Build plate
    • Lines
    • Density 15
      • Support line distance (auto) = 2.667mm 
    • Support X distance 0.2mm
    • Enable support interface
      • Enable support roof Yes
      • Enable support floor Yes
    • Support interface thickness 0.6mm
PLA support settings for D&D minatures

20190912 PETG overextruding, falling off bed

HobbyKing Transparent Yellow PETG printing a tubular structure at draft 0.2mm layers:

  • fell off bed (lost adhesion)
  • seems to be overextruding


  • Skirt to Brim
  • Reduced extrusion rate from 100% to 95%