CNC Machine Resuscitation

The 2009 ex China (via EBay) CNC machine initially used as MK1 Pick Place is finally to put back to being a CNC machine

As advertised when bought in 2009
What it became

So time to repurpose back to being a CNC machine


  • Functioning with dedicated PC (possibly Raspberry Pi or Beagle Board etc)
  • Compact as much as possible to live on the bench
  • Drip lubricator
  • Enclosed for noise when running


20191009.1008 – RESOLVED 20191010

  • Underside steel cross bar issues:
    • Issue: 1 of 2 bolts to the one of the uprights due to cross bar hole drilled poorly
    • Solution: Will mill out hole into correct location and use washers when fixing
    • Issue: Uses 4 of M5x10mm bolts for fixing to uprights (2 each side), less crossbar thickness of just over 4mm = <6mm of thread for a stressed part
    • Solution: all 4 holes are drilled to depth at least 22mm, so will tap to maximum depth and use maximum length possible M5 bolts per each hole


  • Was using parallel port / mach3, my newer PC’s don’t have parallel port
    • Initial: Have purchased a couple of USB adaptors but have yet to try to get them working with Windows 10, will also consider Linux as an OS option
Related image
  • Also might just buy couple of PCI-e parallel port cards so can get up and running for now with older all in one controllers


Support Rail Block Wide Type [TMYBRUU]
  • Can we replace these with a closed block?