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Workshop shuffle 20200401

Bay 3: 1100×500 x1800 2 x steel vertical cabs moved to Bay 1 3rd steel vertical cab moved upstairs for food storage Toilet wall: Cabs order left to right: Gun cab 100D cab remaining 2.5m: 4 x 3dr cabs (or 6 drawer equivakents) Mini Fridge Freezer last by toilet door On top of cabs/fridge: 1100mm […]

Workshop shuffle 20200201

20200410 This plan superseded as a result of Covid19 reshuffle Objective: Primary: Bay 2: 5 PBalls in a row backing to Aluminium – DONE Bay 3: 8 x 15D cabs in rightside Lundia static wall – DONE Secondary: 55″ TV back at Bay 3 window – DONE Fasetech Rig more room for rotate (Swap 3dr […]