Category: Machining

CNC Mill XK7113

20210320 Trademe bought used ($2,110, was advertised on geekzone for 4K) Details from the Tardme listing: Description It’s got a full set of ER20 Collets -Multiple cutters mostly in 3/4/5/6mm (I usually purchased 3 at a time, so lot’s of spares) -A coupe of ball end cutters -Self Centering Edge Finder -Magnetic Micrometer for getting […]

CNC Machine Resuscitation

The 2009 ex China (via EBay) CNC machine initially used as MK1 Pick Place is finally to put back to being a CNC machine So time to repurpose back to being a CNC machine Aspirations: Functioning with dedicated PC (possibly Raspberry Pi or Beagle Board etc) Compact as much as possible to live on the […]

Milling Machine RF20 (Bemato BMT30J)

20190901 Added 3 x Cheap chinese separate DRO’s TODO: Fix polarity TODO: Redo Y axis swarf cover Reminder: Batteries are CR2032 1 for each 20180216 Is Missing the Machine key to use the ‘Drill’ feed (and spring as well) Machine key is 6mm wide by 20mm long round end Bought Key stock 2019, cut and […]