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Yamaha Jog

20210102 12.5k Trouble starting Removed & cleaned carburettor Inlet manifold hose clamp thread is stripped (Yamaha 90450-32081) Oil injection line has a small spring clip (Yamaha 90468-02033) New Spark plug NGK – BPR7HS, gap 0.028″ Todo: Air filter Change gearbox oil? Belt / rollers

Audi TT MK2 (2007-2013)

2.0 litres (1984cc): Look for TFSI engine EA888, earlier is EA113 FSI engine Engines used in VW Golfs so parts / knowledge etc should be easily gettable even if overseas Water pumps need to be replaced every ??? km as has plastic impellers.. Auto or DSG DSG is gnerally considered reliable, but dual clutches + […]

Audi TT MK1

How much to pay (US$ 7 market)• Project $1000-3000 • Good $4000-7000 • Concours $8000+ Overview Practicality ★★★Running costs ★★★Spares ★★★DIY friendly ★★★Investment ★★Desirability ★★★ As one of the main trendsetters from the 1990s, the original Audi TT still looks modern in contemporary traffic. It was first seen in 1995 as a VW Group California studio design concept, and when it […]

Mitsubishi Delica D5

2010 FWD 2@L Petrol, CVT Auto, 100K (KM) on ODO $12,500 inclusive of ORC from W Bunning Mitsubishi GS Platform ABS ASC (Stability control) Cruise Control (NOT Adaptive) Proximity key (Bethridges L Hutt can cut duplicate backup key) Mitsubishi MMCS J04 Media/SatNav unit — For Audio upgrades And search above forum for: j04 […]

Lotus Elise S1 111S: has VVT Rover S2 111S: Rover VVC 111R (Euro) or Federal (USA): Toyota 189BHP ZZ + 6 speed manual 2008 S Base model 1.8l motor 2010 Base model is no longer the ‘S” has NA 1.6L Toyota 2010 S model has 1.8l Supercharged 1.8l Toyota motor  (Older Toyota motor didn’t meet Euro […]