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Appium cross platform

Useful if simplistic info in below link however still using page model… Snippet: Another solution is to use the annotations @AndroidFindBy and @iOSFindBy. With this you can have the same element in the page object class with both annotations and thereby different locators for the different platforms. Example: 1 2 3 @AndroidFindBy(id = “btn_signIn”) […]

Automated testing -> Useful short version Hamcrest matchers replace asserts high degree of complexity easy to understand plain (useful) logging? Examples: allOf – matches if all matchers match (short circuits) anyOf – matches if any matchers match (short circuits) not – matches if the wrapped matcher doesn’t match and vice equalTo – test object equality using the equals method […]

Serenity Test Automation

Focus on screenplay pattern: ( Reminder on ‘SOLID’: The first five principles are principles of class design. They are: SRP The Single Responsibility Principle A class should have one, and only one, reason to change. OCP The Open Closed Principle You should be able to extend a classes behavior, without modifying it. LSP […]

Thoughts on Page Model

Page model alternatives: “Journey” or “Screenplay’ pattern A weak Journey example: SOLID:     Perils of Page-Object Pattern from Anand Bagmar   State modeling:        

Snapshot -> -> Selenium Best Practices

Useful per: Still mostly applies. Snapshotting here for my own benefit as that site is stale. Selenium Best Practices It’s a summary (and few extras) of test_design_considerations Use PageObjects pattern Be fluent with – return this, varargs, generics, – reuse your model and jodatime Be robust and portable – Prefered selector order : id […]

Inflectra Spiratest + Raprise

20170203 A combination of Test Management (SpiraTest) + Automation tool (Raprise) Raprise looks interesting, have had a look through the user guide. Not sure how effective reuse / managing learned objects is as that’s a deal breaker Extensible by Javascript Conditional structures built in?  

Thoughts on Cucumber for Acceptance testing 20170201-20170202

Just a tumbledown of thoughts Latest first 20170202 Fitnesse / RobotFrameWork, alternatives? Criteria: Selenium integration Rest API testing facilitated would be nice Active project (not stale) Java & C# possible Self hosted Footnote: arrrg uses BDD scripts (Cucumber, JBehave etc + variants) 20170202 Cucumber or something lighter (from a user perspective)? Consolidating my thinking and […]