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CyberPunk 2077 in VR

GOG Ultimate Version DLd manual install files from GOG 100GB version 2.12a Luke Ross Patreon Copy MOD file to game install location/bin/x64 run realconfig.bat -> set overlay key as Pause key, both triggers in VR To avoid Disable VR Mod: rename dxgi.dll to dxgi_bak (or whatever) VR Mod REAL overlay Weapons to close to your […]

WPC Board components

Molex 22-28-4361 Headers & Wire Housings 36P 1 ROW VERT HDR Molex 22-28-0360 Headers & Wire Housings 36P BREAKAWAY HEADER

Skyrim VR 202403

Dell Alienware Aurora R11 Note Quest 3: 4,128 x 2,208 Installed Mad Dogs NSFW Initial start = Skyrium VR -> Steam VR -> Oculus Air Link The SkyrimVR window needs to be in focus while running. You should find out why it runs so poorly with it active. Not having it focussed leads to mods […]

Oculus Quest 3

Slightly better resolution, much better off center (edge to edge) clarity 20240307 Virtual Desktop was flaky with Skyrim so back to Air Link primarily with issues reconnecting to a game in progress when Quest goes to sleep

Williams WPC Driver Board Versions

Straight from the old Marvin guides A-12697-1 (5763-12405-00): the driver board used from Funhouse to the middle production of Twilight Zone. It has a flipper enable relay on the board. Can be used on all WPC games from Funhouse to WhoDunnit (the most versatile non-WPC95 driver board, can be used in any WPC-89 or WPC-S […]

Stern Starwars Premium 3D Prints

New 202303 Scale notes: Will try ratio 13/8 = ~1.625 Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Huge amount of stringing, would’ve been a great print without that.. Same again but Tie_Fighter_1150625 Looking to size same as 40% X-Wing above, X-Wing = L 80mm, Tie Fighter should be 50mm Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Then again retraction 1.4 still stringing..

Skyrim Narsil

Dell Aurora R11 with RTX 3080 Wabbajacked Narsil manual setup completion: Copied Game Folder files Auto Sneak and VR = DISABLED Open Composite is already there ENB is already there

Skyrim VR Quest 2 + RTX 3080

20210611 (NZ$3300 aprox incl) Alienware Aurora R11: Time SpyGraphics driver is not approvedScore 14 232 with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080(1x) and Intel Core i7-10700F Processor Graphics Score15 100 CPU Score10 738 Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Vendor Dell Computer Corporation # of cards 1 SLI / CrossFire Off Memory 10,240 MB Clock frequency 1,935 […]

SimExperience Stage 1 new front end

4040 2 x 390mm inserted into end of Stage 1 side bars, 200mm in out extension available Each: Stop for maximum extension: threaded M6 10mm from 1 end Cap screw M6x16mm as a stop Each: Clamping: 2 x M8 4040 T8mm M8 Spring block nuts 2 x M8x16mm clamping handles (Maybe cut down later pack […]