Can A Microchip Internet Radio Board mimic a SLIMP3

  • Assuming the SLIMP3 is still supported by Logitech Media Player (Successor to Squeezebox)


  • SLIMP3 has 128x8bit buffer chip, write position directly controlled by the server
  • Microchip IRB has 2 x (SPI) N256S0830HDA 32KByte SDRAM ICs, one of which is the MP3 decoder IC buffer
    • We will assume we do a drop in replacement of 1 x N256S0830HDA with a Microchip SPI 23LC1024 1MBit SDRAM IC
    • Possible SPI library change for that replaced IC
    • N256S0830HDA  = 3.0 to 3.6v
    • 23LC1024 = 2.5 to 5.5v
    • Look pin compatible (enough)
    • Commands & modes look identical, except is 24 bit address for 23LC1024 vs 16 bit for N256S0830HDA
    • Word length: N256S0830HDA regiter bit 5 toggle between 8 & 16 bit words, 23LC1024 is always 8 bit
    • We ignore 23LC1024 SDI SQI modes for this application

UPDATE: V2 IRB BOM shows SDRAM ICs as being 23K256-I/SN (SN is SOIC 3.90mm narrow body) looks compatible with N256S0830HDA

We will need 23LC1024 SN



N256S0830HDA pins

23LC1024 DS Splash Page