Bodinhausen T500 Adaptor with T3Pa pro non functional

20180518 We have on hand:

Bought from way back in 2015 and not used until now:

  • Bodinhausen T500RS Pedal Adapter (
  • Bodnar Cable: Logitech┬« G25/G27/DFGT/DFP or Generic Pedals Adaptor

We also have

  • Logitech G25 Pedal Set
  • Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedal set

Connecting G25 pedal Set to Bodnar Cable our Win 10 PC shows Logitech G25 pedals under Game Controllers, we can see expected pedals moving etc

Connecting T3PA Pro pedal set to Bodinhausen T500 adaptor to Bodnar cable to Win 10 PC shows ‘Logitech Driving Force Pro’, with only X & Y axis, with no response to pedal movement

Since the G25 shows up correctly we are fairly sure the Bodnar Cable is working as expected, so we have an issue with either our T3PA pedals or the Bodinhausen adaptor, and the pedals were ok connected to TS-PC racer wheel so we start by looking at the Bodinhausen adaptor

Bodinhausen T500RS adaptor is simply a RJ12-DEC variant of this sort of product:

RJ12 which is Pin 1? I remember from a past life that getting accurate information on this is sometimes hard, as many diagram omit the perspective, ie are we viewing the plug / socket and from front / back

So what connections are expected? We found the Bodnar schematic, and also an alternative schematic presenting an adaptor in the opposite direction

Interestingly the 2 schematics below reverse the +/-ve connections (Note: Probing the Bodnar Cable it presents +5v on Pin 6 & Gnd on Pin 1):

Opening the Bodinhausen we see it maps thus:

  • RJ12-DEC Blue to DB9 pin 3 (Brake)
  • RJ12-DEC Yellow to DB9 pin 2 (Accel)
  • RJ12-DEC Green to DB9 pin 4 (Clutch)
  • RJ12-DEC Red to DB9 pin 1 (+5v)
  • RJ12-DEC Black to DB9 pin 9 (NC)
  • RJ12-DEC White to DB9 pin 6 (Gnd)

Looks good, but we are assuming the coloured leads in the Bodinhausen are as expected are as ordered above, e.g. RJ12-DEC Pin 1 Blue cable to Pin 6 Black cable..

And after checking and triple checking, I believe the particular RJ12-DEC to DB9 adaptor used for this product in fact maps colours to pins the opposite direction, so the supplied Bodinhausen adaptor is mapped in reverse to that expected, it needs to be:

  • RJ12-DEC White to DB9 pin 3 (Brake)
  • RJ12-DEC Black to DB9 pin 2 (Accel)
  • RJ12-DEC Red to DB9 pin 4 (Clutch)
  • RJ12-DEC Green to DB9 pin 1 (+5v)
  • RJ12-DEC Yellow to DB9 pin 9 (NC)
  • RJ12-DEC Blue to DB9 pin 6 (Gnd)