BeagleBone flashing, boot source and other OS reminders


Pulled these out of a box to have a reminder.. hadn’t touched the since 2015 per below

Powered from Genuine Asus (ex Asus tablet) Mains to USB wall wart rated output 5V 2A connected to the BBB 5V barrell jack power input

Found that all 3 revisions continually reboot after maybe every 60 seconds, but if powered via the miniiUSB port no suvh issues

This forum says to add a capacitor to the power input when using the %V input to allow for instantaneous loads


BeagleBone Black Rev A5C = 2GB eMMC on board

Updating the OS

Ansgtrom was onboard eMMC as supplied and booted up fine onto HDTV using HDMI

Went looking for latest distro and found latest Debian distros at (Angstrom depreciated?)

  • Downloaded runnable version, installed and used Win32DiskImager to output unzipped imgage to 16GB micro SD Card
  • Loaded SDCard into BBB and held down User button whilst applying power.
  • Booted ok into desktop

Downloaded latest ‘flash’ version targetted for 2GB eMMC, and preparred another SDCard as per above

Booted ok, and watch on TV as it flashed from SDcard into eMMC

After it powered off removed SDCard and restarted BBB, booted ok and displayed terminal login on screen

Debian minimal eMMC image – installing LXDE desktop

Logged into debian terminal and did:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install lxde lxde-core lxde-icon-theme

Went through each command above and accepted options