Audi TT MK2 (2007-2013)

2.0 litres (1984cc):

  • Look for TFSI engine EA888, earlier is EA113 FSI engine
    • Engines used in VW Golfs so parts / knowledge etc should be easily gettable even if overseas
    • Water pumps need to be replaced every ??? km as has plastic impellers..

Auto or DSG

  • DSG is gnerally considered reliable, but dual clutches + other complexity…
  • DMF Dual mass flywheel seems to fail before clutches

Quattro or not?

  • Higher initial purchase cost, higher resale later
  • I have a thing for 4WD but it is not full time (is dynamically on demand) so most of the time you are running in FWD only
  • adds to fuel costs (weight = 100kg heavier)) and some maintenance, nut is generally considered to be very reliable if serviced (oil changes every 60k? I think so minimal)