AnyCubic Linear Plus Delta 3d Printer


Starting with above, installed Arduino IDE, opened Marlin.ino, Selected Mega2560 Board and:

  • BUT changed:
    • Heatbed to type 1 (was 2 for Ultrabase)
    • Build size down from 120mm radius to 110 radius


Version: KOSSEL_PLUS_12864_v1.0.3.hex

Flash firmware using Arduino IDE (Mega 2560 as a board and ATmega2560 MCU)

Did M48 probe test, = 0.005 deviation

Tutorial: Get the correct z probe offset

  1. Pace a sheet of paper on the heated bed.
  2. Slide the nozzle onto the bed so that the sheet is just about to move. If you still have a gap between the nozzle and the sheet of paper even at 0.00, go back and deactivate the “Soft Endstops”. The setting is dangerous however, because you can now go further down than actually possible and thus damage the nozzle and the bed. So be careful!
    • I got -9.350
    • Pass 2: 0.619
    • Pass 3 after smashing the probe into the bed again!!: 0.050
  3. Write down the value on the display. (e.g. +0.20)
  4. Run the Z-axis up a little and clamp the probe underneath.
  5. Slowly drive back down (in 0.01mm steps) until you hear the click. Do not go further!
    • Pass 1. I got 6.000
    • Pass 2. 15.475
    • Pass 2. 15.475
  6. Write down the value on the display. (e.g. +16.40)
  7. Subtract the value of point 5 from the value of point 3. -> 0.20 – 16.40 = -16.20
    • I get: -9.350 – 6 = 15.35
    • Pass 2: 0.619 – 16.094 = 15.475
    • Pass 3: 0.050-15.475 = 15.425 = set Probe Z Offset to 15.44
  8. Enter the calculated value as a Z probe offset. If the offset does NOT correspond to what the current default value is (-16.20), you MUST perform the auto calibration again afterwards.

After everything is checked, go to Configuration> Delta Calibration> Auto Calibration to perform the automatic calibration. The settings are saved automatically.

You should then execute Motion> Unified Bed Leveling> Step by Step bed leveling and save it with Store Settings.

Auto calibration failed, it would go low enough to touch the probe down, so set Delta height from 270mm to 279.35 per step 2 above

Ok that worked, now to do:

Motion> Unified Bed Leveling> Step by Step bed leveling

20210510 Z Offset

  • Measured at 15.34
  • set at 15.32

20180507 Z Offset:

  • PLA 15.39
  • PETG 15.29 = good overall adhesion

20180417 Z Offset: 15.49mm

20180409 NZ$479.93

Box arrived in good shape.  Contents impressive & well packed

Construction notes:

  • Replaced the rectangular flat slot nuts with M4 Block nuts where possible
    • Estimate = 9 as did all 3 in each vertical to base joints
  • Extended cables for Z Endstop, and Auto levelling sensor, would’ve liked to extend Y Stepper cable slightly as well but is ok for now
  • A couple of cable clips on Extruder stepper cable
    • 2 x (5.4mm White Clip + M4 Hammer nut + M4 washer + M4 x 8mm Button head)
  • A couple of cable clips on cable from effector where goes into base
    • 2 x (10.?mm White Clip + M4 Hammer nut + M4 washer + M4 x 8mm Button head)
  • 6 feet underneath to improve airflow & sit better/quieter
    • 6 x (20mm rubber foot + M4 Hammer nut + M4 x 10mm button head)
  • Some cables are a bit short (*just* long enough) and some are way too long
  • Magnetic attachment for levelling probe ‘rocks’ as screw holding magnet into probe is not level with top of magnet:
    • Removed matching steel plate off effector and drilled out 6mm hollow in center to accomodate the top of the screw.
  • Instructions pretty good

To do:

  • External Mosfet for heat bed
  • Fan for steppers

Initial startup thoughts

  • Leveling process pretty straightforward
  • Loaded up Cura 3.2 and added this machine profile:
  • First print:
    • Printed in supplied black PLA
    • 0.2 / 20% / Adhesion = No / Support = No
    • Cura estimated 7h actual = 8.5
    • Result was excellent
    • Stuck very hard to anycubic build surface


  • Auto Leveling Bed -> Measure z Pos = measure & reboot
  • Auto Leveling Bed -> Prepare Leveling -> Begin Leveling
  • Auto Leveling Bed -> Prepare Leveling -> Z-offset
    • Use knob to adjust to new value
    • store