2020 Giant Trance E+3 & Liv Embolden E+2

20200620 Winter tyres:

  • Specialized Hillbilly GRID 2Bliss Ready Tyre, 27.5
  • Maxxis Shorty

Seat options:

  • His: Sit Bones 133mm apart according Specialised computer at Burkes Cycles in Kilbirnie which recommended:
    • Specialised Saddle Bridge Sport 155mm $60. Oh yeah, that’s much better!
  • Hers: Sit Bones 163mm apart:
    • Specialized Power Comp Mimic Saddle, Womens $150

Update 20191224: Neither bike came with the 500wH battery. Took batteries in to the dealer. He said oops my bad. The Embolden was listed online as a 400wH so we will suck that one up. But the Stance is listed both on Giant’s site (and on every NZ dealer) as a 500wH. They said nothing they could do. Dealer said could return the bikes. For my fat arse I need 500wH so I upgraded to a Trance E+3, so now:

Bought 20191218 $4400 Liv Embolden E+2 with 400wH

  • Pedals $100 pair

Bought 20191223 $5450 Giant Trance E+ 3 with 500wH

  • Pedals $100 pair

Bought 20191218, NZ$4400ea (No pedals included), 500wH batteries, 32km/h max assist

  • Boys = Giant Stance Trance
  • Girls = Liv Embolden


  • Check has rear reflectors for NZ compliance
  • Rear LED Red tail light (Ordered Aliexpress 20191220)
  • Splash/Mud guards

Why these bikes: Price + Functionality + Commonality (Both same motor/battery/controls etc) + FULL SUSPENSION

  • These are the ‘budget’ entry level full suspension Giant (‘Liv’) 2020 E bikes
  • Note: Online listings show Stance as 500wH but Embolden as having 400wH battery but shop said 500wH on both bikes
  • Can charge on or off the bike (Comes with new ‘Smart’ charger)
    • Flashing small LED = Charging
    • Don’t press longer LED (Is a button as well) as is for charging to 60% for long term storage (Hibernate)
  • Integrated battery secured in bike by a key
    • Take key with bike for servicing
      • Embolden Key: 6519 (T82)
      • Stance: 2936 (T82)
  • Yamaha motor re-branded by Giant as Sync-drive Sport
    • Stance, Embolden have Sport
    • Trance has Pro (Yamaha PW-X2)
    • (SyncDrive Life -> SyncDrive Sport -> SyncDrive Pro)
  • Torque sensor operation only (No pedaling = no assist)
  • Simple controls, (no displays but does have a mobile app available)
    • Has AUTO mode which I anticipate will be my favourite
  • Walk assist: push the button and bikes will trundle at up to 6km/h, good for walking up hills etc
2020 Giant Stance E+ 2 Blue (L frame, 27.5″ wheels)
Giant Trance E+3
2020 Liv Embolden E+ 2 Jade Teal (XS Frame 27.5″ wheels)

The controls have a button to on/off lights, lights do not come with the bike:

Trademe $113 incl delivery to cart dogs around:

 This was barely used when we got it. We used it on a number of trips and even on short distance overnighters. Such fun!

Width: 80cm
20x2.1 inch tyres
Storage compartment behind the seats
Flag... on the left because it's from North America
Cover with mesh and roll-up windscreen -- in fine weather it can be used open
Seat belts for two kids, or one in the centre

Front wheel and handlebar for use as a stroller

Folds down in minutes. Folded dimensions: 80x67x15cm and the wheels

Bits of rust on the metal parts, though nothing that would affect function.
One tear in a side wall, see photo.
The vinyl on the clamp is a little worn. It's still well usable but might respond well to duct tape or so.
The foam on the cross bar has tears. Use as is, or give it handlebar tape, or take it off -- up to you.

This clamps to the chainstay. I haven't attempted using it in combination with a disc brake as brake and trailer might interfere. 


Modes accessible by Up/Down:

  • AUTO = Power Assist Indicator Middle Led on
  • OFF = Power Assist Indicator no LEDs on
  • Other modes are bottom LED on for ECO, Bottom & next LED on for ECO+ and so on