Stern Starwars Premium 3D Prints

New 202303 Scale notes: Will try ratio 13/8 = ~1.625 Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Huge amount of stringing, would’ve been a great print without that.. Same again but Tie_Fighter_1150625 Looking to size same as 40% X-Wing above, X-Wing = L 80mm, Tie Fighter should be 50mm Star_Wars_X_Wing__S-foils_in_attack_position_5175115 Then again retraction 1.4 still stringing..

LILYGO TTGO T-Display / T-Display-S3

InvoiceOrder Date 11 Nov. 2022Ship to New ZealandItem Seller Unit Price (USD) Quantity Item Total (USD)LILYGO® TTGO T-Display $7.99 ea. 10 $79.90LILYGO® T-Display-S3 ESP32-S3 1.9inch ST7789 LCDT-Display-S3: T-Display-S3 Not Soldering $13.41 ea. 10 $134.10Subtotal $214.00Shipping $16.98Total (USD) $230.98 NZD Landed: LILYGO® TTGO T-Display ST7789V 240×135 pixel IPS TFT display and a 3.7V battery charging circuit. […]

Houses temporary GV $610k


WRTnode – Low power Mini OpenWRT Dev Board / Mini Linux + Wi-Fi board, MTK MT7620N/MIPS24KEc CPU 512M/128M 802.11n 2.4GHz with 23 GPIO JTAG SPI UART for Smart Device Introduction Photos Features Specification Documents Shipping List SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 BY JEAN-LUC AUFRANC (CNXSOFT) – 5 COMMENTSON GETTING STARTED WITH WRTNODE OPENWRT DEVELOPMENT BOARD Getting Started with WRTnode OpenWRT Development Board Seeed […]

ESP8266 WIFI Development Kit + 2 x ESP8266 modules

1 x ESP8266 WIFI Development Kit + 2 x 8266 modules === ESP8266-ESP201 Step-by-step Guide This is a step-by-step guide to ESP8266-ESP201. 1.       Buy ESP8266-ESP201 with its hardware development kit from eBay, click here: The development board is shown in photo below as well. You have a relay, buzzer, switches, LEDs, etc. to play with and […]

Ex Lease Tiny PCs

Nov 2021 PBTech $251.48incl Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro Desktop (A Grade OFF-LEASE) Intel Core I5 4590T 8GB 256GB SSD NO-Optical Win 10 Home – Reconditioned by PBTech-w/3m warranty PBT ‘Refubished'(e.g. they gave it a wipe with a micro fibre cloth..) Replaced TV PC Dec 2021 29 Mar 2022 PBTech $256.48incl Lenovo Think Center M93 Tiny […]