XTLW ‘Ultimaker’ clonish 3D Printer

2018 April NZ$361.26 landed


  • Uses that really light 2020 same as Anycubic Delta
  • Assembly:
    • X Y carriage feels tight
    • Cantilevered bed not stiff enough
    • Motors drive directly onto X / Y rods so hard to dissamble

Immediate changes

  • Relocate motors to be loop belt drive to X Y Rods:
    • Need to replicate 1 each of the 2 pillow blocks used for X & Y axis respectively
      • Bearings are 688Z (Plain – ID 8mm OD 16mm Width 5mm) of which I have… none!
      • X Pillow block: Center of shaft axis is 10mm in from the 2 outside edges so we need a bearing with a small enough radius to leave enough plastic to hold the bearing in places so a 608zz is too large at 22mm, I do have MF148ZZ which is OD 14mm so we will use that and order some 688z for later if needed
      • Pillow blocks are 15mm wide, mount holes are 6mm in from inside edge (is important to get pulleys to line up)
      • Fusion 360 did 1 of each corner pillow block, for MF148ZZ bearings
        • Printed on Wanhao Duplicator 4S in ABS / Makerbot Desktop 3.10 / Fine / Infill 50% / Shells 4
        • Had to up bearing bore from 14mm to 14.4mm to allow possible slight overextrusion on this printer
        • Did 4.1mm mount holes rather than the original parts 3mm
        • Had to file down a couple of corners slightly due to ABS warp  
      • Then redid in PETG on Anycubic Delta Linear Plus as hadn’t tried PETG before, seems good with slow print speed (50%)
      • Then added Y Microswitch to X Pillow Block, and altered X Pillow block to make room for a new X Microswitch & bracket