W7Server 20180105 Core Hardware update


W7Server running like a 1 legged dog.  Worse than that actually.  So bad smells of a hardware fault.  Switched out Ram so not that.  Will replace core hardware and carry over Windows 10 license

In preparation:

  • Uninstalled MS Office 2010 Pro to free up license
  • Tied existing Win 10 license to my MS Account for easy reactivation post install

Fresh Windows 10 installation on:

  • AMD A8-9600 ‘APU’
  • Gigabyte AB350M-D3H motherboard
    • Reminder to self: Use of an M2 SSD can disable various SATA3/ASATA ports depedning on SSD type (refer the MB manual)
  • Onboard graphics
  • Samasung 120GB EVO something SSD to SATA3_0

After install is completed and shortly after first login Windows is blue screen crashing failing on atimkdag.sys

After a fair few reboots / fresh Win 10 reinstalls between various BIOS changes what I feel is happening is that shortly after installation, on first post install login drivers are updating in the background resulting in the crash.

Anyway I have a NVidia GT610 spare so installed that

After a few retries this sequence worked for me:

  • GT610 external graphics card installed
  • BIOS to ‘Optimised defaults’ then Onboard Graphics disabled
  • Win 10 fresh install
  • Waited for Device Manager to show NO unknown devices
    • Meanwhile on other workstation download of Radeon Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1 to USB stick
  • Disconnect from network
  • Restart, BIOS to ‘Optimised defaults’ (So Onboard Graphics default = Auto = Enabled)
  • After boot installed 17.12.1 from USB
  • Shutdown, hard power off, remove GT610
  • Power on = Radeon all good to go
    • Note: I tried 17.12.2 per above steps irst but it did not recognise Radeon onboard. Go figure.

Also by the final iteration above enabled restore points.  WHY ARE THESE DISABLED BY DEFAULT?

  • Considered uninstalling left over NVidia drivers but will leave them there in the event we have to put the GT610 back in should we have future issues with the onboard Radeon R7

Note all the above took a few hours to resolve so very annoying / frustrating


  • Physically installed TVS 6981 Dual DVB-S/S2 card
  • Installed Win 8 Drivers v2.0.1.6 as forums suggested had issues

Create Restore point

  • Office 2010 Pro (No Outlook)


  • SPM394 Raid controller to SATA3_1
    • Mapped to ‘W’
    • Has 4 x 4TB WD Drives from most recent upgrade + 1 spare bay (Disk 5)
  • Case has 7 removable drive bays:
    • top 5 are SPM394 drive bays 1 to 5 respectively
    • 6th is connected to SATA3_2, 7th to SATA3_3


  • Getting ready to install VBox, Notice AMD-V virtualisation not enabled
    • Reminder to just start Task manager and check for Performance -> CPU has ‘Virtulisation: Enabled’
  • Found setting in BIOS is hidden away under:
    • MIT -> Advanced Frequency Settings -> Advanced Core settings = Enabled SVM


  • Installed Oracle Virtual Box 5.2.6 all options + drivers
  • Installed Extension Pack
  • Installed host drive:
    • OCZ ARC100 240GB SSD to ASATA3_0

OCZ SSD on ASATA3_0 won’t complete formatting/or is taking forever

  • Installed Radeon software 18.2.1 (Custom -> Clean Install)