Williams WPC Driver Board Versions

Straight from the old Marvin guides

A-12697-1 (5763-12405-00): the driver board used from Funhouse to the middle production of Twilight Zone. It has a flipper enable relay on the board. Can be used on all WPC games from Funhouse to WhoDunnit (the most versatile non-WPC95 driver board, can be used in any WPC-89 or WPC-S game). On Fliptronic games (Addams Family and later), the flipper relay is ignored by the game’s software.

    A-12697-3: Used starting mid-production of Twilight Zone. The flipper enable relay is not installed (since these games have Fliptronics boards, and no long need the relay). Can be used on Addams Family to WhoDunnit. Can *not* be used on Funhouse to Hurricane because of the lack of the flipper relay, which is needed in non-fliptronic games (games prior to Addams Family).

    A-12697-4: One of the solenoid fuses changef rom 3amp to 5 amp, removed the “line level circuitry” (around U6). WPC Schematic Manual 16-9834.2 details these changes on page 1 of the power driver board schematics. The specific components are R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R195, R200, F201, W1, W2, LED2, and LED3. Can be used on Addams Family to WhoDunnit (interchangable with the -3 revision). Only used on a one game (just WhoDunnit so it seems). Thanks Tony.

    A-20028 (5763-14525-06): WPC-95 only driver board. Can be used on Congo to Cactus Canyon only.