Projector Screen

Pacific Screens 4:3 electric: 3132mm outside bracket to bracket


  • Have 2 new projectors
    • Sony VPL-HW45ES for nighttime
    • Epson EB-1980WU for daytime.

Have my old Pacific Screens (Auckland) electric 3m 4:3 but it has a motor issue so won’t retract.

Looking for 1 screen dedicated to each projector.  I believe I can make two fixed screens with a mechanism to swap them over or get them out of the way.

For Sony (mostly dark but white walled room so not a blacked out dedicated space)

For Epson (daytime)


Seems some materials that are ALR need longer throws, AVForum members say such things, re >1/6, >2.0 to eliminate ‘sparkle’ on some high gain ALR screens.

Carls place? cheapish but not such good reviews