Projectors Setup History

As at 20240707

  • Sony VPL-HW45ES (20161003 Ebay USA US$1710 + US$444.74)
  • Epson EB-1980WU (Elive 20161016 $2215 incl)
    • Replacement Lamp ELPLP77
  • Bratech PSAA135 Electric drop down screen (20161021 PBTech $361incl GSt & Delivery

20240707 Start on ceiling brackets -> Plan: fit 2 x long throw Projectors

  • Epson EB-1980WU (4.6kg) has no hardware lens shift so optimally positioned
    • Epson Ceiling Bracket: V12H003B23
  • Sony VPL-HW45ES (9kg) best next position using minimal Lens shift V & H

Bracket ordered via Flashtrend – Brateck PRB-18M NZ$123.04 incl

Screen dimensions/location as input to following calculators:

  • Floor to bottom of screen: 830mm
  • Ceiling to top of screen at mid point: 750mm
  • Screen Width 3m
  • Screen Height: 1.68 (16:9)

There is a handy ceiling beam at ~4.5m throw distance which my experience tells me is in the right throw distance for both projectors so we will assume that is more or less our target


  • Hardware lens shift Horizontal +/-25% & Vertical +/-71%
  • With 0% H & 0% V being with lens aligned with midpoint of screen

Epson EB-1985WU

From the user manual: Align center of lens to top of screen less ~16cm (we have 135″diag screen)

Playing with

Demonstrating that the projector height doesn’t change with throw distance variation so long as all else stays the same

20240608 Hung Screen at Tutanekai

Bratech PSAA135 Electric drop down screen


Looked for 150″ equivalent as have a bit more space but it is a big price jump up to 150″ 16:9 so will stick with PSAA135 (and use not spent ethereal/imaginary $$$ to contribute to future projectors)

Working out positioning, want to have it as low as possible

  • Bottom of screen limit is a built in low wall unit
  • Case end to end width (ignoring wings for mounting) I measure at 3160mm = 1580 either side of midpoint
  • Case end on is 100x100mm
  • Room width side wall to side wall= 4260/ 2 = 2130
  • Distance in from either side wall to case end = 2130 – 1580 = 550mm
What (working up from top of low built in unit to bottom of screen case)mm
Allowance for built in unit trim/facia0060
Bottom weighted bar0020
Bottom border0040
H Viewable from specs1680
Top border0060
Total thus far, from top of low built in unit to bottom of screen case1860
Total gap required from top of low built in unit to top of screen case1960


PBTech Bratech PSAA135 NZ$361.70 delivered

  • “Brateck PSAA135 135″ (3Mx1.68M) Electric Projector Screen (16:9 ratio)”

Hung above Bay Window at Rangiora, worked well

CAPTURED 20240608 so might be some discrepancies with my possibly older model
The Electric Projection Screen PSAA135 is perfect for education, commercial presentations or residential home cinema. This screen is equipped silent operation synchronized motor with extended operational longevity and low power consumption. The included standard Radio Frequency (RF) remote control allows operating the screen freely in the room. Its 3-way wall switch provides additional control options. Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction. Standard 4-side black masking borders. Fibreglass matte white screen material with 1.2 gain and 120°viewing angle is durable and easy to clean. Tubular motor on option. The projection area of this 135’’ screen is: 3.00×1.68m.

Silent Tubular Motor: offers extended operational longevity and low power consumption
3-Way Wall Switch: provides additional control options
4-side black Masking Borders: enhance picture contrast
Cleanable Screen Material: for easy maintenance
Radio Frequency (RF) Remote: provides control integration for an effortless viewing experience
Wall/Ceiling End Cap Design: allows for multiple configurations and versatility in installation and setup
Black-Backed Screen Material: eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction
Steel Case: heavy-duty roller and reliable spring inside

Screen Material – Fiberglass Matte White Fabric
Maintenance – Cleanable
Viewing Size(WxH) – 3×1.68m
Top Border(B1) – 6 cm (2.4″ )
Bottom Border(B2) – 4 cm (1.6″ )
Side Border(B3) – 4 cm (1.6″ )
Diagonal – 135″
Ratio – 16:9
Viewing Angle – 160°
Gain – 1.0
Motor Type – Tubular Motor
Optional Motor Type – Synchronized Motor
Controller Type – Radio Frequency(RF) Remote Control
Case Dimensions – 331 cm
Case Material – Steel
Case Shape – D-Shaped
Installation – Wall Mounted,Ceiling Mounted


  • Have 2 new projectors
    • Sony VPL-HW45ES for nighttime
    • Epson EB-1980WU for daytime.

Pacific Screens 4:3 electric: 3132mm outside bracket to bracket

Have my old Pacific Screens (Auckland) electric 3m 4:3 but it has a motor issue so won’t retract.

Looking for 1 screen dedicated to each projector.  I believe I can make two fixed screens with a mechanism to swap them over or get them out of the way.

For Sony (mostly dark but white walled room so not a blacked out dedicated space)

For Epson (daytime)


Seems some materials that are ALR need longer throws, AVForum members say such things, re >1/6, >2.0 to eliminate ‘sparkle’ on some high gain ALR screens.

Carls place? cheapish but not such good reviews