Williams WPC Power Driver Board

Power Driver Board

LM323K  https://www.ezsbc.com/index.php/review/product/list/id/19/

WPC-S and Earlier Driver Board:

    • BR1 to C6 & C7 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F114: +18 volts used for lamp driver columns. Then the 18 volts goes through voltage regulator Q2 (LM7812) and F115, and is converted to 12 volts (regulated) for the switch matrix.
    • BR2 to C5 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F113: +5 volts. The bridge and cap that fail the most.
    • BR3 to C8 (100 mfd @ 100v) to F112: +50 volts, used for solenoids.
    • BR4 to C11 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F111: +20 volts, used for flash lamps.
    • BR5 to C30 (15,000 mfd @ 25v) to F116: +12 volts unregulated for playfield devices, dot matrix display, and the coin door.
    • BR1 (on Fliptronics II board) to C2 (100 mfd @ 100v) to F901-F904: +50 volts used for the flippers. Located on the Fliptronics II board.