Pinball: Twilight Zone

Purchased Nov 2017

Initial observations

  • Playfield in great condition
  • Cab in good condition
  • Some GI out

Issue: TZ-20180119

Resetting sometimes when both flippers pressed

  • Replaced all Rectifiers & large capacitors

Power Driver PCB Observations

  • On removal notice GI socket (cable side) has been replaced and shows signs of heat damage
  • Q64 and upstream Q75 have had rework, but only 1 lead of Q64 is soldered to the board on the PCB underside (Q75/Q64 = Solenoid 05 Right Ramp Diverter
  • BR1 / BR2 heatsink retaining screws: 1 was very loose, the other was barely done up

Issue: TZ20180204 Some GI Strings out

  • Playfield Left WhtBrn/Brn
  • Clock + Insert WhtYel/Yel – 4 x leds on clock face are good, will have top see what ‘Insert’ is
  • Insert Main WhtGrn/Grn


General Illumination
Voltage Connections Drive
Drive Connections Drive
Bulb Type
Playfield Insert Cabinet Playfield Insert Cabinet Playfield Insert
01 PLAYFIELD LEFT G.I. J121-1 Q18 J121-7 WHT-BRN #44
02 MINI-PLAYFIELD & INSERT G.I. J121-2 J120-2 Q10 J121-8 J120-8 WHT-ORG #555 #555
03 CLOCK & INSERT G.I. J121-3 J120-3 Q14 J121-9 J120-9 WHT-YEL #86 #555
04 INSERT MAIN G.I. J120-5 Q16 J120-10 WHT-GRN #555
05 PLAYFIELD RIGHT G.I. J121-6 Q12 J121-11 WHT-VIO #44