PCB Design 201701

Do I continue with DipTrace or move on to:

  • Eagle: I hated this interface last time, found it so non-intuitive henc emy trilaing and buying a license to Diptrace.
  • DipTrace: Still good I’m sure and I’ve a fair investment in custom libraries..
  • KiCad: Supposedly pretty good now..

Ultimately, I think KiCad is the goal so lets see how it goes for a new simple board.

Also we will try to use https://www.snapeda.com/ for libraries

So starting with KiCad 4.0.5 for Win 64

  • Installed with all defaults
  • Prompted at end to DL Wings3d If modelling required, left it for now

20170111 Yay KiPart fo rmaking schematic parts from CSV