Workshop shuffle 20200401

Bay 3: 1100×500 x1800 2 x steel vertical cabs moved to Bay 1 3rd steel vertical cab moved upstairs for food storage Toilet wall: Cabs order left to right: Gun cab 100D cab remaining 2.5m: 4 x 3dr cabs (or 6 drawer equivakents) Mini Fridge Freezer last by toilet door On top of cabs/fridge: 1100mm […]

Bread maker

Bread Machine Recipe: How to make homemade white bread less densePrep Time10 minsCook Time3 hrs 15 minsTotal Time3 hrs 25 mins  I’ve tried many bread machine recipes, and this one works perfectly for me to make simple white bread.  The bread is tall, not dense, of perfect composition.  Basic recipe for a bread maker machine.  Course: Side DishCuisine: AmericanServings: 6 peopleCalories: 313 kcalAuthor: JuliaIngredients 1 cup and 3 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons vegetable […]

Workshop shuffle 20200201

20200410 This plan superseded as a result of Covid19 reshuffle Objective: Primary: Bay 2: 5 PBalls in a row backing to Aluminium – DONE Bay 3: 8 x 15D cabs in rightside Lundia static wall – DONE Secondary: 55″ TV back at Bay 3 window – DONE Fasetech Rig more room for rotate (Swap 3dr […]

Laser Cutter 2020Jan

Onboarding Task list: Unpack – 20200205 DONE Verify chassis is earthed via Main plug – DONE Verify tube works – 20200206 DONE Install analog mA meter – 20200207 DONE Setup basic water reticulation – 20200206 DONE Map initial (low) power settings to actual milliamps to ensure using minimum for subsequent mirror alignment DONE 20200207 Setup […]

Farm 2020 Jan

Him: Air Rifles Pellets Targets Paper Swinging 22LR Rifles Gunbox Knives are already there Sleep Bags (All) Tents Camping mattresses Pillows Torches: 18650 Torches 18650 Batteries + Charger Dolphin torch Rope Cig Lighter Pocket Knife Automotive 12v Starter compressor utility thing Sun hats Shorts/Togs Camo shirt Gumboots Clothes for 6 days Water drums Laptop: Email […]