2 x 15 drawer cabs

Do you want these Right one has 3 bottom drawers with side, remaing drawers dont have sides and 1 is missing Left has all 15 drawers (bottom drawer is a little bent), no drawers have sides Both about 1330 high, left is 300 wide and 400 deep, right is 330 wide and 380 deep

Aluminium Saw Options

Deliberately do not want a sliding model due to both space & long term accuracy issues Preferable 254mm (10″) blade as that currently just fits in the space available Electric brake saves waiting for saw to wind down after a cut (although a repeatedly accurate saw may negate this current need) Handle orientation horizontal to […]

QNAP QFinder failed to get response from the device

Windows 10, attempting to setup a QNAP NAS TS409 Pro Getting: ‘Failed to get a response from the device’ Resolution: Closed QNAP Finder Win+S: ‘firewall’ Select ‘Allow an app through the windows firewall’ Closed QFinder Deleted all firewall entries for QNAP Finder Restarted QFinder, windows promptyed for permission, set to allow QFinder on Private networks

Audi TT MK1

How much to pay (US$ 7 market)• Project $1000-3000 • Good $4000-7000 • Concours $8000+ Overview Practicality ★★★Running costs ★★★Spares ★★★DIY friendly ★★★Investment ★★Desirability ★★★ As one of the main trendsetters from the 1990s, the original Audi TT still looks modern in contemporary traffic. It was first seen in 1995 as a VW Group California studio design concept, and when it […]

Synology NAS DS212J Disk 1 disappeared

20190825 Synology DS212J 2 bay NAS is not seeing Disk 1 Symptoms: NAS alert beeping Logged into admin, dashboard showed Raid 1 (Mirrored) 2 drive array degraded Storage manager -> HDD only showing Disk 2, no Disk 1 showing Moved NAS contents elsewhere Deleted Storage volume 1 to hopefully speed up any rebuild Solution Attempt […]

Rangiora NAS Rationalisation 201908

A refresh after this effort stalled: Windows 10 PC (W7Server) Drives: 4 x 4TB in Raid 5 array Synology DS216SE Current MAIN NAS Drives: Seagate Ironwolf 12TB ST12000VN0007-2GS116 10.9TB Seagate Ironwolf 12TB ST12000VN0007-2GS116 10.9TB Volume: Storage Pool 1, Raid 1: 10.9 TB DSM 6.2-23739 Synology DS107 WIP Synology DS207 Drives: Seagate ST8000AS0002-1NA 7452.04GB […]

Argox Printers OS-2140D

Easy Product Finder – Shop for Labels and Ribbons for Argox OS-214D Printing Technology Specifications: Direct Thermal Label Specifications: Min Width: 1.00″/25.4mm, Max Width: 4.33″/110mmLabel Diameter Specifications:  Roll Diameter:  4.0 Inch, Core Diameter: 1.0 InchRibbon Specifications: N/APrinting Format Specifications: Runs Roll and Fanfold Labels Su pply me SS748599

The Big Sleep

Hoist – DONE Gambrel – 2 ordered Monday 5th Skinning Knife – DONE: Karls NO – Buy Skinning & Boning + Saw Steel for sharpening – take mine ftrom ammo box & also sharpeniner from kitchen Sharpen Karls knife Fresh water – lots, maybe buy couple 25l drums and fill from home Alcohol hand cleaner […]

Packaging Options for MfM

20190724 Started moving these around as we are about to need a new 1200mm roll so don’t want to be moving a full roll as is heavy. Rethinking a minimum: 1200mm Corrugated roll 900mm Corrugated rroll 600mm Corrugated roll 300mm Corrugated roll 300mm bubble wrap A litle inconvenient to use 1200mm for shorter widths but.. […]