Sony MDR-7X770BN

Pairing and connecting with other BLUETOOTH devices Pairing is the process required to create a link between BLUETOOTH devices to allow wireless connection. You must pair a device with the headset to be able to make a BLUETOOTH connection for the first time. Before you start pairing operation, make sure that: The BLUETOOTH device is […]

WPC GI Dimming

General Illumination (GI): contains five separate strings of up to 18 bulbs per string, with a maximum of 90 bulbs. Each string is controlled by a Triac, which is controlled by the microprocessor. The microprocessor has control of the triaces through through a latch that it uses to store control signals. The GI circuit can […]

Brother HL-2140 Reset Toner count

Until your new cartridge arrives: Brother HL-2140 – Reset Toner Cartridge It is possible the Brother HL-2140 will not reset properly after putting in a new cartridge. You may still have a ‘toner low’ or ‘toner empty’ message. It is possible to manually reset the printer to remove this message: Ensure the printer is turned […]


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Bodinhausen T500 Adaptor with T3Pa pro non functional

20180518 We have on hand: Bought from way back in 2015 and not used until now: Bodinhausen T500RS Pedal Adapter ( Bodnar Cable: Logitech® G25/G27/DFGT/DFP or Generic Pedals Adaptor We also have Logitech G25 Pedal Set Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedal set Connecting G25 pedal Set to Bodnar Cable our Win 10 PC shows Logitech […]

Workshop Power Connections

RC4-4DOF Motion Sim Rig 20190525 If Mount PC on Rig, (reduce to 1 PC, use wireless connection): On Rig requiring power: PC + Monitor (double header plug) Subwoofer Wheel Motion platform Off Rig, requires coiled mains cable 1 per each below: 240-110v Converter 240v to rig Set 1: Minimum set for PC Use function only […]

Jobs for Dumb Arse

Nomenclature: Bays: bay 1 is main door bay bay 2 is middle bay bay 3 is lundia end bay Benches: bench 1 (bay 1) is the drop saw bench bench 2 (bay 1) is the main packing bench opposite bench 1 (has ~125 lamsden parts bins with the M3-M5 screws on it) bench 3 (bay […]

Woocommerce Product Addons Configuration notes

Important Tip #1: Make the Group name as generic as Possible so it can be used across as many products as possible: Each different group is a separate meta_key in woocommerce_order_itemmeta so the more of these different options the more back end work Tip#2: If the same options are across multiple products be sure to […]