Oculus Quest

Free games:

  • Quake Quest
  • Epic Roller Coaster – 2 demo coasters
  • Big Screen Beta – Interactive
  • Bait – Fishing
  • PokerStars VR
  • First Contact
  • Bogo

Oculus Link Beta is now publicly available so:

Steps for Streamed Skyrim VR (ALVR)

  • Install SideQuest
  • Goto dashboard.oculus.com and register organisation (MfM Ltd)
  • Goto developer.oculus.com and download Oculus Go driver
  • Enable Developer Mode on paired mobile app (Click paried headset, settings -> More settings
  • Reboot headset
  • Start headset, connect to PC, in headset confirm dev mode always for this PC
  • SideQuest should now be connected, add launcher via prompts
  • Drag ALVR apk to SideQuest to install it on the headset

Oculus Link:

  • To get rid of previous Developer Mode + ALVR app, I reset the Quest back to factory via the App on my paired mobile
  • Plugging the Quest into the PC, after con firming to function as a Rift on the Quest I see ‘ com.oculus.os.vrmtpapp has stopped working’
    • Fix seems to be to disable Overlay in GeForce Experience, I don;t have GeForce Experience installed so I will install that then disable overlays… – DONE, annoying…
  • Nope: still com.oculus.os.vrmtpapp has stopped working after plug Quest into PC and confirm to function with PC
  • Left Nvidia Overlay turned off, uninstalled Oculus desktop software, reinstalled