Meural II Issues

New Frame, on start provides a QR code to scan

  • Installed the App (Android)
  • App finds the frame
  • App shows visible Wifi SSIDs, I select mine, and enter the password at the prompt = ‘Wrong network name or password
  • I shortened the password, made no difference
  • Tried ‘other’ and entered SSID & password, the frame went into tutorial mode (for the gestures) and the app still said trying to connect

But it looks like it has connected ok

To connect your Meural Canvas to a new WiFi network:

  1. Plug in and turn on your Meural Canvas.
  2. Wave down to display the menu.
  3. Select WiFi > Clear all connections.Your Canvas clears all WiFi connections.
  4. Wave down to display the menu.
  5. Select More > Walkthrough.The Welcome screen and QR code display.
  6. Launch the Meural app.
  7. Tap the Canvas icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  8. If you own more than one Canvas, tap Canvases at the top left of the screen and select your Canvas.
  9. Tap Connect Canvas at the center of the screen.The Set up your Canvas screen displays.
  10. Tap GET STARTED.The QR code scanner displays.
  11. Scan the QR code at the bottom left of your Canvas.The Choose your home WiFi screen displays.
  12. Select your home WiFi network and enter your WiFi password.

There is a micro SD input available on the back of the Canvas. These can be used to store and display images on the Canvas.

Supported images/videos are: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, svg, gif, mp4, mov.

Only 4 playlists can be used on a single SD device. However, there is no limit on how many images each playlist can contain.

To get started, follow these steps:

Add a folder to your drive called “meural1”. You can also use “meural2”, “meural3”, and “meural4”—you can upload four folders at a time.
Copy your images into that folder. The image file should read “image name.[filetype]” for example “italy.jpeg”, and should use only alphanumeric characters. If you're adding thumbnails for images, just make sure they are 120 x 68 (pixels) for horizontal and 68 x 120 (pixels) for vertical.
If you want to see thumbnails of your image when you wave through that playlist, create a file that reads “image name.[filetype].thumb”—for example “italy.jpeg.thumb”
Turn your Canvas off and on again.
If it's not already on the screen, wave down to access the menu, and select 'Browse playlists'. The SD playlists should be at the top.

Meural API

Meural has a REST API that their mobile apps and web-interface run on. Unofficial documentation on this API can be found here:

Local Web Server

Netgear refers to a ‘remote controller’ in their Meural support documentation:
This ‘remote controller’ is a local web server on the Canvas device available at: http://LOCALIP/remote/
It runs on a javascript available at: http://LOCALIP/static/remote.js

The available calls in this javascript are: