KuWfi CPE120 pair as supplied

Pretty cheap for a point to point wireless network link, but so lacking in documentation.. so capturing/testing now in event of future issues

My other pages on these units

A quick note on SPEED..

These are 2.4GHz so if using a standard 2.4GHz wifi connection for the bridge (i.e. nothing proprietary) then I expect about 100Mbps (bits)

A quick note on directionality of the KuWifi radio antenna

I was kinda expecting these to be fairly directional but the Host unit Wifi is strong all round including behind the unit

A pair of KuWfi CPE120 units as supplied:

  • Physical switch set to H(ost) on 1 unit and C(lient) on the other unit
  • For POE injection I find (tested on the client unit) that POE injection only works on the WAN port

Initial tests out of the box

Initial pairing

With (all using various normal (non crossover) min Cat5 twisted pair ethernet cables):

  • Host unit Power supply ‘LAN’ ethernet port <–> spare port on existing LAN router/switch (Subnet 192.168.2.x)
  • Host unit Power supply ‘POE’ ethernet port <–> Host unit ‘WAN’ ethernet port
  • Client unit Power supply ‘POE’ ethernet port <–> Client unit ‘WAN’ ethernet port
  • Powered up and units showed as paired ok:
    • Host unit display shows H00n where n = channel
    • Client unit shows C00n where n = channel

Checking physical network connectivity options

(On PC/s checked IP address was correctly on 192.168.2.n subnet and could browse ok)

  • Success: Windows PC <–> Host unit ‘LAN’ ethernet port
  • Success: Windows PC <–> Client unit ‘LAN’ ethernet port
  • Success: Windows PC <–> Clients unit Power supply ‘POE’ ethernet port

Hmm can we cable 2 devices to the Client unit simultaneously?

  • Windows PC <–> Client unit ‘LAN’ ethernet port
  • Windows PC <–> Client unit Power supply ‘POE’ ethernet port
  • = Success! both PCs connected ok!

Checking Wifi network connectivity options

Default SSIDs for both units are Wireless 2.4G_nnnnnn (where nnnnnn is last 6 digits of units Wifi MAC Address

  • Host unit: is in AP mode
    • I can wifi connect with my phone like any other access point / router and browse ok
  • Client unit: is in repeater mode
    • its Wifi is turned off (per ‘Client unit menu: Home’ snapshot below)

How does the client know which Host to connect with?

  • In Client unit menu: Wifi -> Repeater settings: has the Host Wifi AP SSID, Password & Host Wifi MACAddr in field ‘Lock BSSID’

Can I connect to the host unit whilst it is unpaired?

  • Success: Host unit was paired but Client unit was then turned off
  • Success: Host unit was paired but Client unit was then turned off and then pressed Host unit Reset button briefly to put into pairing mode

Can I restrict WiFi security to WPA2 (i.e. disable WPA)

  • BRIDGE = YES: On Client unit menu WiFi -> Reapeater Settings: we can set security to non WPA2 only modes and that is subsequently reflected in Client unit menu Home: Repeater Information
  • Host WiFi AP = NO: BUT for the WiFi AP on the Host unit, there is only 2 options: ‘Encrypted’|’Open’ and the Host unit menu: Home: Wifi Information section shows WPA/WPA2PSK_TKIPAES

Accessing the units interfaces & snapshots

To login to either KuWfi unit, we need to get our PC on the internal subnet 192.168.188.x of the KuWfi units

  • Host unit is by default
  • Client unit is by default

Edit your IP4 connection settings manually to something like (so long as not either of the above 2 addresses)

In browser go to or accordingly (I went to both and compared the screens for Host to Client differences)

For all images below they are as supplied except for Host unit menu: WiFi -> Advanced: TX Power which I changed from Max to Standard to slightly avoid frying my nuts as I was bit close to the Host unit during testing

Host unit menu: Home


  • Note the Wifi Information MAC Address, as we see it entered in the Client menu Wifi -> Repeater settings to identify the Host
  • According to 1 Youtube video if this setting is lost on the client side (Reset to factory?) then you will not pair, however I am curious to see the ‘automatic’ pairing method (press reset on both Host & Client units to get into pairing mode does this automatically) so TBD

Client unit menu: Home

  • Mode = Repeater, so we see ‘Repeater Information’

Host unit menu: Wizard

Client unit menu: Wizard

Host unit menu: WiFi -> 2G Wifi

Client unit menu: WiFi -> 2G Settings

Client unit menu: WiFi -> Repeater Settings

  • Note the Host Wifi MACAddr entered as ‘Lock BSSID’

Host unit menu: WiFi -> Advanced

Client unit menu: WiFi -> Advanced

Host unit menu: Network

Client unit menu: Network

Host unit menu: Manage

Client unit menu: Manage