KiCAD KiPart usage reminders


  • Install Python for Windows
  • At CMD prompt, ‘pip.exe install kipart’
    • Above assumes you have let Pythin instal add ../python & ../python/scripts to your path variable

Once the above is done you can run kipart at the windows command prompt

Docs at

Foe this example we are modeling a HUB75 LCD interface & an input from s Williams Pinball DMD controller board

We can put multiple parts into a single csv file by separating with a blank line.

To get the pins ordered per the physcial part (my personal preference) I create this xls and save as a CSV

Pin Name Type Side
16 GND gnd left
14 STB pwr left
12 D ou left
10 B ou left
8 GND gnd left
6 G1 ou left
4 GND gnd left
2 G0 ou left
1 R0 ou right
3 B0 ou right
5 R1 ou right
7 B1 ou right
9 A ou right
11 C ou right
13 CLK clk right
15 OE ou right
Pin Name Type Side
14 GND gnd left
12 GND gnd left
10 GND gnd left
8 GND gnd left
6 GND gnd left
4 GND gnd left
2 GND gnd left
1 DE in right
3 RD in right
5 RCLK clk right
7 CL in right
9 DCLK clk right
11 SD in right
13 NC nc right

I then use these options to create my parts:

kipart _lsr-kipart.csv -s row -f -o _lsr-kipart.lib -w

As these are IDC cponnectiosn I’ve manually ordered the rows and used ‘-s row’ option to get the output how I want it.