Grid Race Car Driver & Logitech DFGT

Re: Driving Force GT with Race Driver GRID PC
‎05-06-2010 07:28 PM

Finally got my Driving Force GT to work with GRID for PC.

(OS: Win7, GRID purchased/installed via STEAM)
1.) Firstly, GRID would not reckognize my wheel at all.  So a friend told me how they had to change something to get their G27 to work. upport-1020/402823-logitech-g27-wheel.html

(Basically they had to grab a file and change all the g25’s… to g27)  So I basically found the following file that refers to Driving Force PRO in this file which is for me in the following path:

Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\grid\ActionMap\action MapPreset3.xml

Open that file with NOTEPAD… and change all references of “Driving Force Pro USB” with “Driving Force GT USB”

(just do a find/replace all).  After doing this, GRID now gave me the option for “axis” in the driving controls

(previous to that it did not give me the axis options)
2.) From the “Logitech Profiler” (which you get when you download the drivers for the Driving Force GT from Logitech site), I made the following adjustments found from this page: e-driver-grid/
3.) I used the advice given by NeoTheUser (a few posts above this one)… and `Re-insterted all controls`.

(If I didnt do this, the controls were messed up and the throttle was always on, etc..)

As per Neo`s posting `might be Driving Options > Advanced. not sure. anyways, re-configure the wheel via the game through that screen”.  So I had to go to the “custom” tab or whatever it is, and re-assign all the function.  Ie: By default “turn left = A” or something like that… so I selected it to edit, and then turned my wheel left.  This made it configured to that axis.
4.) And for some polishing touches… took  rollergoalie16’s advice (about 10th post at this thread) 6

Personally, I found 200 to be to narrow of a field.. so I’ve increased my rotation.  Tried 900 at first, but am now gonna see how well 360 or 720 works.


THere’s gonna be more tweeking I think.. but the wheel now works and responds how it should and has made the game playable.


Next up… I’m going to try out the wheel with DIRT 2.