Ubuntu 15.10 Desltop 64 bit installed on VBox 5.0 (Win 10 host)

Lets follow:


  • EMW3165 is soldered to EMWE-3165

Downloaded WICED-SDK-3.3.1

7/20/2015 UPDATE: 
After installing the IDE you may not see all the APPs.  Press F5 in Eclipse to refresh and all the Apps will show.

Known Limitations & Notes



* Features not yet supported in WICED-SDK-3.3.1

   - IAR Embedded Workspace native support


* Platform Restrictions:


- Wi-Fi Direct not support

- SPI bus not supported

- Enterprise security and AMQP not tested

- Apple Homekit and WAC not supported

- Apps appliance, temp_control, mfg_test, AMPQ not working


- Wi-Fi Direct not supported

- WPS may timeout with some access points

- Enterprise security not tested

- Apple Homekit and WAC not supported

- Apps appliance, temp_control, mfg_test, AMPQ not working


         - Enterprise security, AMQP and mfg_test not tested

- Apps appliance and temp_control not working


         - Enterprise security and AMQP not tested

- Apps appliance, temp_control, AMPQ not working

- wl --serial x fqacurcy y is not supported


- Enterprise security and AMQP not tested

- Apps appliance, temp_control not supported

- wl --serial x iscanresults is not supported

Following the step from SEEDSTUDIO:

1. First of all, make sure you have git installed on your machine. Try typing "git" into a terminal window and if that gives you an error message, look up how to install git on your operating system.

2. In a terminal window, navigate to where you want to set up WICED, for example "~/repos".

3. Run "git clone https://github.com/MXCHIP-EMW/WICED-for-EMW.git". This will create a new directory in the current directory called "WICED-for-EMW".

Place the file "WICED-SDK-" you downloaded from Broadcom into the new directory.

Enter the directory in the terminal and run "./extract-and-patch-WICED".

WICED is now set up and patched to work with EMW3165, as well as EMW3162.
  1. Started a Terminal window
  2. Entered ‘sudo apt-get install git’ seems ok
  3. Entered ‘mkdir WICED’
  4. Entered ‘git clone https://github.com/MXCHIP-EMW/WICED-for-EMW.git’ seems ok
  5. Copied download to ‘WICED – for – EMW’
  6. Entered ‘./extract-and-patch-WICED’
    • Get message re Decompressing WICED, but then I get line:22 7z: command not found
    • Assuming no 7zip installed on Ubuntu be default: Entered ‘sudo apt-get install p7zip’
    • Did that and retried command above
    • Bloody hell, ok after a few retrys, realise that before 6 above need to do a : ‘sudo apt-get install p7zip-full’. [I fucking hate Linux]



Stlink P1 -> P15, JTRST -> Reset

Stlink P4 -> P9, SWCLK -> SWCLK

Stlink P6 -> P5, SWDIO -> SWDIO

Stlink P7 -> P4, 6, 8, 10, 12…. Gnd -> Gnd

But my cheap STLink V2 has a different pinout..

P1 -> P15 Reset


P4 -> P5 SWDIO

P6 -> GND


Default Bootloader needs SW1 down, outputs on serial at 912600