Dell XPS One 2710

20210605 Screen flickering getting even worse, unusable even with a bunty fan blowing air through a cutout in the rear cover, so:

  1. Dedusted (had built up quite a bit thanks to the big 120mm fan)
  2. In Intel settings turned brightness right down
  3. Using OSD turned brightness back to maybe 55

All good now even with a fully white screen (e.g. Notepad fullscreen)


  • Right side of screen flickering when light output requirements (ie Excel open full screen) on that half are high, so bad is unusable
  • Occasionally whole screen goes crazy
  • Is an overheating issue of some kind
  • Easiest fix if you can accept a slightly dimmer display is:
    • Right click on desktop -> Graphics Properties
      • Colour tab: Start dropping brightness until flickering stops & apply


  • Chrome
  • Steam to e:\steam\
  • Flash disabled hardware acceleration as is crashing in Chrome

ZX14R 2015 fast &

Appreciate the response. I should of mentioned that I've looked into the boards that are readily available. I can't seem to find one that will work with the QHD resolution of this screen. Alibaba has one that may work but it has to be ordered in shipments of 6 adding up to $300. I have tried to find this one model on eBay and elsewhere with no luck.

The eBay link you posted...I've seen this one before. I did take it a step further and asked this seller if he has anything that will work with the screen. Researching my model a bit more it appears to be a Samsung Display with a part number of LTM270DL02.

I'll see what he responds with and go from there. Thanks again.