CNC Mill XK7113

20210320 Trademe bought used ($2,110, was advertised on geekzone for 4K)

Details from the Tardme listing:


It’s got a full set of ER20 Collets -Multiple cutters mostly in 3/4/5/6mm (I usually purchased 3 at a time, so lot’s of spares) -A coupe of ball end cutters -Self Centering Edge Finder -Magnetic Micrometer for getting things square / aligning edges etc… -Machinist Vice on the table + Clamp Kit

  • Table size 400x140mm
  • Drilling capacity 13mm
  • X-axis 220mm
  • Y-axis 120mm
  • Z-axis 200mm
  • T-slot MT12
  • Spindle center to column distance 180mm
  • Spindle nose to table distance 200mm
  • Spindle speed 0-3000rpm
  • Mach3 controller
  • Spindle motor 1 phase DC type brushless motor with driver 500W
  • Spindle Non-power spindle ER20
  • Ball screw(diameter+lead) 1605
  • Guide way width 15 Linear guideway
  • Step motor torque(X/Y/Z) 2.5/2.5/3.5N.m
  • Machine size 590x590x780mm Machine weight 84kgs

Included machine vice is a QGG73

Custom enclosure with a stainless catch tray for it, frame made out of 1515 extrusion and highly rated acrylic designed to take any accidental impacts and also contain any coolant. It has the coolant pump and everything, just haven’t got it working due to lack of time. Haven’t even peeled the protective layer off one of the doors. Added the Estop on the enclosure, custom splash shields over the Nema Steppers. The enclosure can be disassembled easy enough and put back together that same or differently if preferred.

Mostly milled Aluminium and Engineering Plastics such as POM on it and it’s had no trouble with anything. I have a block or two of each that can go with it.

Buyer can also have the copy of Mach3 Software that it’s been running with and the config files as I had them. The buyer can even have the USB cable 🙂

Rear Cabinet Modules

(Side of Cabinet) Mains hard On/Off switch is Jiuchuan JCH13GS 20A M2

Top of cabinet ESTop:

  • JOINHO HQ-01P switch
  • Possibly YW221M or similar carrier
  • Estop NC, Momentary

Top of cabinet Off push button:

  • Sneider ZB2-BE102C
  • Harmony XAC, Single contact block, 1 NC

Top of cabinet On Push Button with lamp


Main Fuse

  • Delixi C16 HDBE-63 C16 Circuit Breaker 16Amp 2P

AC Contactor switch for xxxxx

  • HVACSTAR (Or clone) CJX2 1210 (CJX2 SERIES AC Contactor)
  • I cannot determine the coil voltage from the markings

CJX-2 series AC Contactor is suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 660V.
AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated current up to 95A, for making, breaking, frequently starting & machine interlocking device etc, it becomes the delay contactor, mechanical interlocking contactor, star-delta starter. With the thermal relay, it is combined into the electromagnetic starter. The Contactor is produced according to IEC60947-4, GB14048.4

AC Contactor switch for xxxxx

  • HVACSTAR (Or clone) CJX2 1210 (CJX2 SERIES AC Contactor)
  • I cannot determine the coil voltage from the markings
  • Other details per above

Fuse for 24V ?

  • JF5-2.5RD 2.5 square millimeter tube fuse holder for G32-15,G32-18 rails
  • Inside is a CNYJ gG 500V 2A ceramic fuse 8.5 x 31.5mm

Mains supply Phase/Neutral to internal mains junction

  • 2 x JF5-1.5 / JH14-1.5 single terminal blocks for G32 rails
  • Connects External AC supply Phase/Neutral to to internal wiring

Mains supply Earth to Cabinet ground connection

  • JF5-2.5/JD terminal block
  • Has a screwed clamp connection to the rail for safety
  • Added extra washer for rail to cabinet connection and tightened
  • Connects External AC supply Earth to steel cabinet

Stepdown transformer

  • BKZ400VA
  • 230VAC to 48VAC

Bridge Rectifier

  • Rectifier QL50-10 for the 48VAC
  • mounted on a crappy heatsink
  • Has an electrolytic capacitor across the output 470uF 100V

Relay for switching ???

  • Omron MY4NJ General purpose Coil
  • 5A 240AC, 5A 28VDC
  • Can’t see coil voltage on markings but inside coil is stamped 12VDC