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Workshop Power Connections

RC4-4DOF Motion Sim Rig 20190525 If Mount PC on Rig, (reduce to 1 PC, use wireless connection): On Rig requiring power: PC + Monitor (double header plug) Subwoofer Wheel Motion platform Off Rig, requires coiled mains cable 1 per each below: 240-110v Converter 240v to rig Set 1: Minimum set for PC Use function only […]

That Steel Rolling Shelving

Brand: Hydestor Floor to top = 2.3m (Runners were bolted directly to floor (i.e. no base) Shelves full widths (whole unit depth) = 1230mm Collapsed the fixed shelf + 2 x rolling = 1.9m wide 1 fixed end shelf: 400mm deep 2 rolling units: total 740mm wide shelves more or less 350mm deep All shelves […]

Milling Machine RF20 (Bemato BMT30J)

Arrived is a 1995 vintage Bomato BMT30J Looks exactly like a Rong Fu RF30.. Uncanny!  RF-30_manual Mods for RF30 (larger but very similar) Roughly measured: X Travel = 550mm Y Travel = 180mm Z Travel = 110mm 20170814 Factory info (2017): SPECIFICATION : MODEL BMT 30S BMT 30J DRILLING CAPACITY 32mm 32mm FACE MILL […]