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Zotak Mek1

20201230 Machine not used for 18 months Swapped out: MX500 1TB SSD for Kingston SSDNow 960GB SUV400S3 Kingston was left over from that used GTX 1080 machine Kingston is very budget and not good as system drive so is fine for game/data drive in this box and will fre up MX500 for use elsewhere 20181108 […]

W7Server 20180105 Core Hardware update

20180106 W7Server running like a 1 legged dog.  Worse than that actually.  So bad smells of a hardware fault.  Switched out Ram so not that.  Will replace core hardware and carry over Windows 10 license In preparation: Uninstalled MS Office 2010 Pro to free up license Tied existing Win 10 license to my MS Account […]

Backups, Raid, SSD, M-Disc

After issues with our Raid setup, need to do an upgrade. 20161010: Basement server W7SERVER PC, built 2012? Windows 10 autoupgraded from Win 7 20161010: Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H (Ordered Asus M4A78L-M Socket AM3 MB (6 Sata) but out of stock so got a Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H AM3 Rev 1.3) AMD Athlon X2 845 2 x Kingston 2GB […]

Dell XPS 2710 driving 4K Screen via HDMI Veon 55″ UHD TV Bought new in Mar 2016 NZ$899 Manufactured by Soyo in 2014 according to MonInfo Reminder to self: Only HDMI4 port does 60hz refresh others are 30mhz max Dell XPS 2710 Doesn’t have HDMI 2 (1.4) Intel HD-4000 onboard graphics With target UHD screen attached Right Click Right desktop and navigate to (Intel […]

Z170 chipset & NVMe SSD drive not working

Interoperability issues getting the NVMe drive to be bootable under windows: Asus Z170-k with Intel Z170 chipset SSD 950 PRO NVMe SSD Assembled new machine, started install off Windows 10 64 bit Pro OEM On first reboot (first boot directly off target system drive, i.e. above SSD) PC seems to sit in POST somewhere, response […]

WICED IDE Windows 10

Downloaded WICED-SDK-3.3.1-IDE-Installer Ran installer, says it requires JRE 1.6 or higher so off to get Java, done Installed Started it, it says Eclipse Win64, Java Java was Started but Returned Exit Code=13 So installed Java 64 bit runtime WICED starts ok  

Virtual Box 5.0 on Windows 10

Dell XPS One 2710 as host Installed VBox host with default settings Per we want the default location to be other than c:\ Start VBox Installed Extensions File-> Preferences, General: Default Machine folder, changed to ‘EVBoxMachineLibrary’   Ubuntu 15.10 desktop 64bit New VM 1GB ram, all others as defaulted Name, Computer name, User, pwd: ubuntu1, […]