Mitsubishi Delica D5

2010 FWD 2@L Petrol, CVT Auto, 100K (KM) on ODO

$12,500 inclusive of ORC from W Bunning

  • Mitsubishi GS Platform
  • ABS
  • ASC (Stability control)
  • Cruise Control (NOT Adaptive)
  • Proximity key (Bethridges L Hutt can cut duplicate backup key)
  • Mitsubishi MMCS J04 Media/SatNav unit

For Audio upgrades

And search above forum for: j04 mmcs kwi

Lotus Elise


  • 111S: has VVT Rover


  • 111S: Rover VVC
  • 111R (Euro) or Federal (USA): Toyota 189BHP ZZ + 6 speed manual

2008 S Base model 1.8l motor

2010 Base model is no longer the ‘S” has NA 1.6L Toyota

2010 S model has 1.8l Supercharged 1.8l Toyota motor  (Older Toyota motor didn’t meet Euro V emmissions, newer motor lower revving but pretty similar)

2ZZGE Toyota motor has C64 gearbox, can break under higher power output, upgrade is E153 LSD transmission