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Farm 2020 Jan

Him: Air Rifles Pellets Targets Paper Swinging 22LR Rifles Gunbox Knives are already there Sleep Bags (All) Tents Camping mattresses Pillows Torches: 18650 Torches 18650 Batteries + Charger Dolphin torch Rope Cig Lighter Pocket Knife Automotive 12v Starter compressor utility thing Sun hats Shorts/Togs Camo shirt Gumboots Clothes for 6 days Water drums Laptop: Email […]

RC4-4DOF Issue

20191101 Re the Response ‘Volume’ knob: anticlockwise stop is at about 7pm clockwise about 4pm Initially: Kids were using Assetto Corsa Response ‘Volume’ knob was set to maybe 5 or 6 to keep it a bit tamer for them After a couple of hours I noticed the chair was barely moving In Output testing even […]

2 x 15 drawer cabs

Do you want these Right one has 3 bottom drawers with side, remaing drawers dont have sides and 1 is missing Left has all 15 drawers (bottom drawer is a little bent), no drawers have sides Both about 1330 high, left is 300 wide and 400 deep, right is 330 wide and 380 deep

SimTools reminders

Takes a while to get my head around Simtools philiosphy and it’s …. UI 2 Programs: Game manager On PC running games Manages patching of games (why patching is necessary when Simexperience doesn’t do it?) Extracts game data and sends to the game engine: Game engine Drives your motion platform Receives raw data from Game […]

MfM Parts Used

20180423 XTLW2 Printer improvements Move X Y motors off end of Shafts to be belt driven: Extend shafts to outside of frame X Axis: New 3d printed pillow block with additional fixing for Y Axis microswitch 1 x 350mm 8mm shafts 2 x MR148ZZ 2 x M4 2020 Hammer Nuts 2 x M4x10mm Button Head […]