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NAS Boxes 20240320

UPS option:–660W-3-ANZ-Outlet 20240322 Before: We are spread across multiple NAS boxes ordered 2 x Toshiba Enterprise HDD 20TB, MG10ACA20TE AU$1250 incl GST for the pair ordered 2 x Seagate Exos X20 ST18000NM003D 18TB 7.2K RPM SATA 6Gb/s 3.5in Recertified Hard Drive @ US$398.00 / NZ$674.22 landed for the pair. Wouldve preferred Iron […]

QNAP Container Station

20210815 QNAP TS-431P3-2G Installed App Container Station Accepted default ‘Container’ folder & location ‘to store images & containers’ Warnings on startup: LXC containers no longer supported after 20211231 The current page size of the system is 32K. Ensure that third-party applications are compatible with the current page size before installing the application. For details, see […]

QNAP TS-431P3-2G 4 Bay

Reminder: Top ethernet port is 2.5GbEe, bottom is 1GbE 2021-08-16 Pulled original 2GB DDR3-1600 SODimm and put in an 8GB stick removed from the Dell XPS 2710 (Put a 4GB stick into the Dell so is 12GB (8GB + 4GB) then gave the Dell away 2021-08-15 OOB installation 2021-08-05 Paradigm PCs $760.35 incl Proposed […]


202108 Cannot run Container Station from External USB SSD so will sell this unit and replace with QNAP TS-431P3-2G Add External USB3 SSD Install Container Station Install container App Node.JS Expected to run from above external SSD, if thats not possible will upgrade to QNAP TS-431P3-4G and mount SSD internally 202107 Added Seagate IronWolf Pro […]

Rangiora NAS Rationalisation 202104

To do: New Main NAS WIP 202105 Bought QNAP TS-230 ~NZ$300 incl 2 Bay, 2GB ram, can run container station (expect to run NODE.JS with custom app to control Meural photo frames) New NAS Harddrives 202105 Bought Seagate Ironwolf Pro 18tb (16.3TB when formatted) ~NZ$1050 incl 202106 Ordered 2nd Seagate Ironwolf Pro 18tb ~NZ$1050 incl […]

QNAP QFinder failed to get response from the device

Windows 10, attempting to setup a QNAP NAS TS409 Pro Getting: ‘Failed to get a response from the device’ Resolution: Closed QNAP Finder Win+S: ‘firewall’ Select ‘Allow an app through the windows firewall’ Closed QFinder Deleted all firewall entries for QNAP Finder Restarted QFinder, windows promptyed for permission, set to allow QFinder on Private networks

Synology NAS DS212J Disk 1 disappeared

20190825 Synology DS212J 2 bay NAS is not seeing Disk 1 Symptoms: NAS alert beeping Logged into admin, dashboard showed Raid 1 (Mirrored) 2 drive array degraded Storage manager -> HDD only showing Disk 2, no Disk 1 showing Moved NAS contents elsewhere Deleted Storage volume 1 to hopefully speed up any rebuild Solution Attempt […]

Rangiora NAS Rationalisation 201908

A refresh after this effort stalled: Windows 10 PC (W7Server) Drives: 4 x 4TB in Raid 5 array Synology DS216SE Current MAIN NAS Drives: Seagate Ironwolf 12TB ST12000VN0007-2GS116 10.9TB Seagate Ironwolf 12TB ST12000VN0007-2GS116 10.9TB Volume: Storage Pool 1, Raid 1: 10.9 TB DSM 6.2-23739 Synology DS107 WIP Synology DS207 Drives: Seagate ST8000AS0002-1NA 7452.04GB […]

Rangiora NAS Rationalisation 201805

WIP What we currently have: Active: W7Server Win 10 PC: (DHCP) SPM393¬†hardware raid controller with 4 x¬†4TB WD Green drives Approx 4.5TB free of 10TB Synology DS207 ( 2 x Seagate Archive HDD 8TB Approx 200GB free of 7TB 2 above was originally a mirror of 1 but has moved on. Standalone USB drives Various […]